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  1. where are the brackets? dont see them
  2. Their meet and greets are Saturday night? I'll do some research and see if I can work around it. I am EST yes, thank you for correcting me. Also soap, yes mumble.
  3. Hey guys, I know theres a lot of new people downloading hearth recently from other divisions and im getting a lot of questions about basic strategy, certain cards, etc. So this Saturday at 930 PM EST I will be holding a Q&A about basic strategy and we will discuss a few basic, cheap, decks so by the end I can confidently send you guys into ranked with new knowledge about the game. Ive been practicing and facing a lot of the top players in the scene whom have improve my play lots, and I would really like to pass along the knowledge I have and help people out.
  4. well actually there is a difference between molly and ecstacy. Ecstacy is Molly that is degraded or made weaker by another drug or a cut. Molly is the pure form of MDMA. However I highly suggest you stay away from both. Its quite addicting. -Source - a good friend of mine who went too hard in the paint and is now so burnt out that hes not my friend anymore.
  5. Count me in. Should be a good time.
  6. Lets get it going, lets show our boys in red and black some love!
  7. well you shouldnt throw around anything without having a solid idea of what you want to do.
  8. well if you put up an actual prize even if its 10 bucks (im willing to chip in for that) and stream it and such, it can be quite successful. the hearthstone community eats up tournaments
  9. BREAKING NEWS: Man shoves other man through woodchipper for not working fast enough! During the defense for the man, he blamed the woodchipper for not turning off when he threw the guy in there.
  10. Thats fine, take it. I wont reveal my picks still watch every game even though im pretty much only playing hearth now. I got the secret op
  11. I want to do a "serious ppl" league
  12. Well yeah im sure it will be integrated in the future. The game is getting a lot of steam that I dont think they expected really.
  13. they are finishing up school and such, once next week hits they will be constantly streaming.

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