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  1. That was fun to read. Nice interview Jerry.
  2. This is interesting. I think nowadays its somehow easier to hook up people on the competitive side of gaming in consoles. There are still HUGE amount of PC gamers, but even more of those who just play the games for fun. Competitive gaming has already been a huge thing on PC. Take CS 1.6 as example. But I really think eventually competitive gaming is going to be bigger thing in consoles. I think consoles are simply more suitable for competitive gaming than PCs.
  3. Welcome to the site and good luck.
  4. Tomas

    Good luck

    Good for your team Roc. Ill be wathing you. And ofc. good luck to our new Halo3 beasts BP.
  5. Welcome to the forums guys. It would be awesome to see you in vVv Gaming. I added you MudVayne, hopefully you will accept it.
  6. Tomas

    Orlando Pics

    Nice pics and amazing job at orlando! Haha BnG pic
  7. Oh my god, that was epic. They all went clutch at the end. BnG -> 6-0! Just awesome comeback
  8. Good luck to you, sounds good!
  9. Nice. That looked fun Too bad I live in the other side of the world.

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