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    Ryan Lee Thornton
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    Portland, Oregon
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    starcraft 2, final fantasy, counterstrike source, persona 3 fes.
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    ramyun, pizza, cheeseburgers, yakisoba, chicken, pomegrante
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    fight club, ravenous, crouching tiger hidden dragon, memento, darejling limited
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    I am all about social gatherings! I am a talker and i do talk to much sometimes! sorry in advance! I love starcraft 2 and all thing sc2 I play so much I want to take my gaming to a new level of dedication.
  1. Most amazing Boss Zerg! A great friend and teacher! My sensei and hero Nub I love you! Keep on keeping on! vVv Fighting!
  2. You know I have always been dedicated and a pretty motivated sc2 player. I have a lot going on with my daughter and wife atm, I need a few weeks for things to settle down, shes got kind of a serious infection of the skin and I have to help a lot right now. ofc after shes able to help and totally recovered this shouldnt be a problem.
  3. Yo Man good luck with your app! I really hope you get in! Cant wait to practice!
  4. ok wednesday sounds good! I am with tuff and wakai.
  5. email: tripnmusic@gmail.com name: Ryan Thornton
  6. looking forward to it. practicing hard!
  7. NazGuL`

    Application: Quinine

    Yeah we could definitely use a zerg of this caliber on the team. It will only help all of us. I hope you get in!
  8. He seemed really good to me, I think he sounds like a strong addition to the team.
  9. Guys BT is right even diamond players can do an all in thats hard to scout. I can basically play whenever we are ready. I was thinking of opening for our team this time, but its up to you guys.
  10. Ryan "NazGuL" Lee Thornton was born in 1985 right at the start of the NES generation. He grew up playing all the originals: Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario bros and about every other nes game he could get his hands on. As Ryan grew older and wiser so did his games, In his teens he mastered warcraft two and brought peace to Azeroth. When Warcraft 3 came about the only thing he really did was play DOTA. DOTA led him to really love PC gaming. He also became very fond of the various FPS for computer. One fateful day as Ryan was at a close friends house who told him "look man DOTA is good but you need to play sc2!" He didn't really believe him and it had been ages since he even played an RTS, Ryan hadn't even played Brood War. After watching some casts from HDStarcraft, and being amazed at the level of skill and the variety of the game, Ryan purchased a copy of Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty. Quickly placing into Bronze, he manged to secure a top rank in Gold his very first season in. By season 4, with under 250 games played, he hit Master leauge on his first true RTS ever! In hopes of bringing his gaming to the next level, he began to look for a team to practice with. This led him to vVv Gaming. When Ryan heard about the new Aspire team he quickly made a huge effort to join! And low and behold he made it! This is just the first step for Ryan. He is planning on taking his gaming to a pro level and placing well at tournaments to get vVv's name out there as well as his own. He plans on playing his best and playing often every day, so he can do well at an online tournaments and perhaps end up on a live stream! Aside from Starcraft 2 you can find Ryan reading Lord of the Rings. Not watching the movies, as he feels they take away from the seriousness and philosophical implications, that the author had illustrated in his telling of the trilogy. Although he is dedicated to his practice, he still makes time for his loving wife Rebekah, and his pride and joy, their son Zackary.
  11. same hyuna = (, they should rename this to patch 1.boringandlame

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