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    Czar reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Music while playing SC2?   
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    Czar reacted to Vagrance in Ladder Rank Display On Your Desktop   
    Especially ones named SugarBear
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    Czar reacted to Ezman in Novice Help?   
    Yeah I could some you some game basics. I'll add you real id, probably will be on later tonight. (If dway or treva says anything about me, disregard them)

    User was warned for offering to teach a new player how to cheese.
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    Czar reacted to WIZARD (Ex vVv) in Wizard's Application   
    yo man no hard feelings! Good Luck and Stay Active lol.
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    Czar got a reaction from WIZARD (Ex vVv) in Wizard's Application   
    you wanna post that a third time just for good measure lol. man staying active doesn't mean doing what you do and going around and writing on peoples apps saying good luck and stay active
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    Czar reacted to cj1988 in Ambush's application   
    dude your writing the same chat everywhere lol
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    Czar got a reaction from WIZARD (Ex vVv) in Wizard's Application   
    i actually liked the colours, i couldn't really read it and it kinda gave me a head ache lol but i still liked it
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    Czar reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Eisenhower's Application   
    That would explain it, I never liked history lol
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    Czar reacted to RuFF in vVvRuFF Earns 500 for his play in NA GM.   

    And all my thanks goes to the lovely lady December. For allowing me to be one lazy bastag and able to play Starcraft like a mad man.

    I'm going to try and end the season with GM #1, hopefully, before it ends in February/March. ^^
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    Czar reacted to Treva in Can I get some help with tilts and losings streaks?   
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    Czar reacted to vVv OrganicBear in PvP Meta game   
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    Czar reacted to Artificial in Who all's going?   
    As of right now, I'm feeling like MLG wont make its way back to Orlando :/ So I'm going to try to go to one of the events, no matter where it is!
    Columbus would be a great one to attend!
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    Czar reacted to Sweep in Any noobs trying to learn Zerg, look here.   
    everyone DOES play terran. We need more zergs
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    Czar reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Streaming Overlay   
    Replace terran symbol with RuFF dog symbol IMO.

    Instead of GM maybe you could get someone to do a marine that would fit there, maybe base it off of the GM logo.

    I don't think it would be infringement if you based the vVvRuFF text off the SC2 logo at the top. You would be changing enough for it to be considered fair use.
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    Czar reacted to Magnet in CZARofblades application   
    Best of luck dude and hope you make it pro in tennis...or gaming, whatever comes first
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    Czar got a reaction from ancergyanceks in Naniwa's probe rush   
    now i know i am late on the whole topic but i want to know what the community thinks about the whole Naniwa probe rushing. i feel that things like that only hurt the e-sports and starcraft 2 scene. in the sense that things like that are part of the reason e-sports is not as prominent as it should be. to be fair Idra has a point perhaps players should not have to play matches that don't matter, but that is no way to act.

    how do you guys feel? do you feel it was as bad as i feel it was?

    also i know its old news but i wanted to hear what the community thought. i just don;t think it was something that he should have done

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    Czar reacted to Absolution in Need some serious help with ZvZ...   
    My bad I was not trying to say never go mutas in a zvz or that mutas are bad in a zvz but if someone you are playing goes mutas, its not that hard to defend against it in my opinion I still prefer Roach/Hydra/Infestor

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