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    gaming, as well i go to IMG tennis academy were i am training to become a professional tennis player
  1. one thing i find about music it can keep your mind in the game and keep the game interesting at the beginning of it. sometimes i get bored and zone out for the beginning of the games, but thats not good so music can help
  2. I LOVE IT, howver i man a zerg so i must say that kinda forces me to love it. it is zerg favored but it is also a bit terran favored as a lot of maps are
  3. i listen to lots of dubstep. its all about the wub wub
  4. interface is the single most important thiing right now. i feel the game is overall balanced fo the moost part (other than rines)
  5. can i hit you up so like tonight if your round. just for one game and you can give me something to work on
  6. i am actually able to get the level 10 GT case, which is a huge case but it is a dope case. the reason i get it is cus my buddy just got it and doesn't need it anymore so he is giving it to me for free. so its a dope case that i should be able to add things in as i go
  7. i am from ontario, looking for a computer that ranges from probably about 1300 or less. custom bilt would be nice (however i do know how to build one myself). i would like to be able to stream at 1080p. as well i would like to have 2 monitors at the same time of streaming. i already have mouse and headsets. but no monitors so i guess i would have to buy them when i am getting the computer too. so that bumps up the price as well. the custom built computer that i was thinking about getting was about 2000 shipping included, as well as a mouse headset keyboard, and 2 monitors (this was on cyberpower one which i customed myself) it had a GTX 560. so ya really i want a computer that can run all my needs, have 2 monitors while streaming all working fine. and most importantly looks good and runs SC perfectly.
  8. i am happy either way. i know how to build my own so really either is good. i am right now just taking suggestions on like which graphics card is best, and so on
  9. so i know there is another forum that talks about what computer is best for streaming and all that but i was wondering what would be a good desktop for starcraft (and streaming as well). also where you guys found was the best and most cost efficient to get it from. my price range would go from about 1K-2K somewhere in there that is erasonable. of course if there are a cheap way of doing it without giving up performance that would be great but i am willing to pay up to 2 K thanks for all your help <3
  10. i would be happy to help hit me up eral ID gregorywalker624@hotmail.com
  11. hope you don't mind if i hit you up on that too. i am a low masters zerg looking to get some practice
  12. you wanna post that a third time just for good measure lol. man staying active doesn't mean doing what you do and going around and writing on peoples apps saying good luck and stay active
  13. Czar

    Merlin Application

    hey lman good luck, i am almost done my app process and will know this weekend if i have made it so fingers crossed. 2 things that will really help you would be, STAY ACTIVE. i was one of the more active ones and i would like to think that had an influence on them picking me. as well i would add a bit more to the app, be a bit more descriptive in places it might just help your chances. if you ever want some practice or to teach a top diamond who beats mid to high masters just hit me up on B net CZARofblades 555

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