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    Hubert, NC
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    Sc2, FA, ME1/2(soon3)
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    http://thisiswhyyourefat.tumblr.com/ take your pick!
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    Independence Day, Riddick, anything sci-fi space oriented.
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    I don't pick favorites.
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    online: Mostly sc2 and e-sports related. Music, Reddit, lurking TL, and other general nonsense.

    IRL: Summer- 20min from beach. Winter- What is outside?
  1. wtbGTC

    wtbGTC's Application

    I appreciate the consideration but I'm withdrawing my application. New job is going to give me hours that won't allow me to be as active as I want to be in this game. Good luck on the rest!
  2. wtbGTC

    CZARofblades application

    Watched this guy practice with Sweep and had a really good attitude with quality questions as well.
  3. wtbGTC

    wtbGTC's Application

    The more that show up the better. I'm looking forward to meeting most of these forum personalities.
  4. wtbGTC

    wtbGTC's Application

    MLG Raleigh is a definite yes. Spectator or competitor? Competitor of course! The opportunity to play against some of the best people in the world IN PERSON isn't going to come around that often, and I'd be silly to pass up such an opportunity. What's the average turnout for vVv members at MLGs?
  5. Fact: If SB laddered frequently there would be no points for anybody else.
  6. I voted but we're still quite a ways behind~! Need more!
  7. wtbGTC

    uGpEzaLB Application

    You're 14? Damn I need to hit the e-gym haha. Played a micro tourney with this guy, really good.
  8. Last I saw it was 3-3 and it looked like Ruff was going to lose. I'd like to be proven wrong though!
  9. Can't get to know you unless you show your pretty face... Don't be shy now
  10. wtbGTC

    wtbGTC's Application

    @sugar: I looked on the stores site and they did not have any of their products listed. You'd think it'd be easy to remember a single drink from over a year ago! I'll keep this question in my backpocket and get you the goods when I have more info.
  11. wtbGTC

    wtbGTC's Application

    The first that I think of is Sierra Nevada pale. The choice isn't quite as hipster/underground as I made myself out to seem previously but it's damn good! There is a winery not too far from me that takes custom orders so if you have any suggestions I'm interested. Twitter is a work in progress. If I had more followers I'd post more of my nonsense but as it is most of my stuff just gets fed back to vVv related accounts, or so I think... It's getting there though. Thanks for the feedback and I'll try to improve on the social media!
  12. wtbGTC

    ReV's application :o

    I may had missed it but what race do you play? Hit me up and I'll get you diamond ez pz . My info is in the sig
  13. wtbGTC

    wtbGTC's Application

    Thanks for this and thanks for the practice!
  14. A happy stream is a good stream, unless you're IdrA. There is always an exception! Just keep having fun.

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