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  1. He should have givin it to you To help. Oh well whats done is done.
  2. Well every one add me <Altiere> Not lvl 30 yet but It dont matter cause im beast lol
  3. Has anyone created a build for assassin? Or at least have an idea what the optimal rotation is? Nvm I found it lol sorry.
  4. Hey I gave asylum my info to give to you. Did you receive it?
  5. Cool beans ill try using it. And Im trying to find it on the web but No one seems to have it
  6. I have noticed that there are a lot of people with the same companion just with a different I really like that about this game.
  7. I really like your sig banners what did you use to make them?
  8. Hey guys Im Ph33r I am one of the new guys who wants to learn everything, everyone has to offer. For example Does anyone play sith assasin? And If so what it the optimal rotation? I think mine is pretty good but I want to know what everyone else doing.
  9. Is vVv joining the ladders for LOL???
  10. No He is mos def AP, All beacuse of his squishyness and his rends you want those dots at max POWA!!!!!!!
  11. I think thats the way it should be a random roll to see if you are going to get alot of money or very little, maybe even none at all. OH and blazek how did you get that steam tag?
  12. I honestly think they shouldnt have nerfed it from the begining, but i wont stop using it i still make out in the end. Now as for synthweaving since there is alot of force users, that is the way to go. that and Arch. Dollar dollar bill ya'll!!!!
  13. IT isnt really that bad. you still get a nice amount form it.

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