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  1. I love stealth classes (stalker), but the engineer looks like a fun tank. I'm so stuck.
  2. Rahe


    Wait, Jerith is down with WildStar? Cant wait for some organized play.
  3. Rahe


    Just finished looking Wushu up and I'm not really feeling it. Combat looks really wonky and nothing like the trailers do when in-game.
  4. Rahe


    Has anyone else had their eye on WildStar? It's an MMO that in my opinion looks sorta promising. Guildwars 2 left a sour taste, and I'm hoping to find something else that's fun to play.
  5. I'd be down for some fun. I prefer to jungle but i can support or mid (iRahe in game)
  6. Movement keys are still default but: G - Heal R - Utility 1 Shift+R - Utility 2 Shift+F - Utility 3 Shift+T - Elite Middle Mouse - F2 pet skill (Ranger)
  7. Id like to take part of this (:
  8. I'm the co-star of the video lol. Really good read here.
  9. It's such torture having it on my computer but not being able to get past the login screen lol.
  10. No worries, Im sure they're still sending invites out in waves. You have until Friday (:
  11. Rahe

    Gw2 Client Issues

    The post with the download. The email has instructions how to get to the page. https://forum-en.gui...age/1#post23793

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