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  1. To be honest I was actually surprised with the moral of the team, normally inferno is a map that if you get 3-4 rounds tside you can actually comeback. Starting down 14-1 and coming back 16-13 was pretty sick and a really good experience
  2. I wanna say thanks to everybody that tuned in last night, via stream or sourcetv. Even if we lost I think we did put a great show to you guys (coming back from a 14-1 and losing 16-13). We will try to keep you more updated to our CEVO P season. We will be competing in ESEA Invite next season with the best team in NA, we will try our best to prove that we can compete against the elites of CSS by attending the lan in Texas. Thanks for vVv to support us and thanks to all of our fans Just giving you guys some stats, the highest amount of viewers for a MAIN final was 200 (ESEA), we had over 600 so thanks alot Cheers, Max
  3. _ML


    I didnt try the game yet (No BETA). The game has a really good looking but what is really bad at the moment is the map design, some map like nuke/train changed almost entirely and its never good for a FPS game. My team and several other source teams hopes that csgo will be the next BIG title (kinda like sc2 or LoL). Obviously you never want to switch to a game that will die or be bad (best example is cz). IMO just wait until you see the real game release (should be around this summer) and see if good team switch to it and if tournament like mlg, iem, ipl etc pick this game up. I do apprecita the fact that you are a 1.6 player looking for some changes (most of them are really stubborn) but all you need to know is that the game is still in beta and they have 3-4 months to make even better. Regards, Max
  4. _ML


    http://twitch.tv/esportscollective going live in about 1hour
  5. We did it guys, vVv is now in ESEA main final and it will be a hell of a match. The match time will be confirm in the link below http://esea.net/index.php?s=stats&d=match&id=2607315 I'll however bump the thread whenever we know exactly the time. Map that are going to be played are de_inferno and de_dust2. Since Area51 won vs us in the UB final we need to win both map and they only need to win one. Stay tuned Max
  6. ty guys, we always love the support
  7. After our 19-17 victory tonight over everfrag, we are now advancing to upper bracket final against Area51 (so top 3 for sure). The match will be played either wednesday or thursday and will probably be shoutcast once again. http://fr.twitch.tv/esportscollective/b/306990632 this is the shoutcast from our tonight match with a post game interview (match start at 6 minutes) Stay tuned ML
  8. my name ingame is maxieJESUSsS played about 7games so far and I'm level 5

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