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  1. - What's your name? Nick "Enmity" Mazur - Where are you from? Los Angeles - What previous MMO's have you played? Aion, SWToR, WoW, and Rift - What type of class do you generally play? I typically played Rogue, Assassin, Ranger - What class do you plan on rolling in Archeage? Primarily a Demonologist - Where did you hear about vVv Gaming? Through the Gears of War team, Vision
  2. This has become one of the biggest events for vVv to date. Awesome job to all the people involved in making this happen. Only wish it started a little later so I could take part in this.
  3. Seriously debating getting the founders pack...Just don't know if I have the time to commit to it.
  4. Wait...Did I just have multiple games in a row where people were fighting over support? Yes, Yes I did. Thank you Riot!
  5. This actually makes me want to play Pantheon. Might have to buy him now.
  6. Wait....WHAT? I was really looking forward to Cloud 9 vs SKT. Hopefully they find a suitable replacement.
  7. So glad they are starting to roll this out.
  8. Working at Naughty Dog has been nothing short of amazing

    1. vVv Tahvvy

      vVv Tahvvy

      in the next meeting, bring up crash bandicoot.

  9. Don't know if I will make it, but I am interested in this.
  10. Can't commit till I know what the times are, but this is something I am interested in now that I have started playing league more frequently.
  11. vVv Enmity

    Hank M's application

    I think that is a great idea to have the in-houses casted. We should get magicmooch and chrono to do it and if they don't want to then we could talk to the people you know. You should have them sign up on the fourms.
  12. -1 total LP on champ select crash - Riot plz

  13. GG's to everyone on Team A. The games were a lot of fun. I'm hoping these will be run frequently. Casting was brilliant. Lets keep the momentum and continue to grow this amazing thing we got here.

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