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  1. Definitely! Best friends 5evar. <3
  2. I've met so many amazing people within this organization, but it's time for me to move on. I've lost my passion to remain a member, and once that's gone, there's not much I can do. I tried waiting around to see if it would come back, but I feel like I no longer have a place here nor do I have the drive anymore to figure out what I can do to add value. I've been inactive for a pretty long time and don't want to appear that I'm only sticking around to keep my v's. That'd be silly. It's been fun, and it's been educational. Take care everyone. xoxo
  3. Well done, B Easy. Fatal.. great answers. It was a pleasure to meet you in Columbus.
  4. I was also a CoD member when it was dropped, along with you and Bizkit and a few others. It sucked, I left vVv, and said a lot of things I regret about vVv and the people in it. I don't want anyone else to have that same regret.
  5. I got through about 4 pages of this thread before I wanted to pull my hair out. * I'm red (obviously). * I've had mod powers and access to admin threads for months now, and have been invited into staff discussions on mumble & in pm's before. * I attended Columbus. These statements don't mean I'm bitter or that I'm complaining, because I completely agree with this new process and happily support it. I'll explain why, and mabye this could provoke some of you to stop and think for a second that maybe even though this feels insulting to some of you, it's not a personal attack. This is something that will greatly improve our community if only it would be given a chance by the stubborn few. I'll also be honest and say that I'm not a competitive gamer. Not anymore, at least. I moved to LoL simply because I'm incredibly burned out on CoD after playing competitively for around 7 years. It's just not fun for me anymore, and when something isn't even fun to do, why bother? My problem on LoL is that I know there's only a slim chance that I'll ever make it to Plat... plain and simple. And that's the requirement for me to get out of my 'red' status in the LoL community. Very clear-cut, very defined. I simply don't have the time or dedication to LoL in order to make it to that status. I'm in complete understanding of my status as a community gamer. Why stick with this game anyways? Because I'm terrible at it but still have fun playing it. I play it for the enjoyement of the game and community itself. Why am I in vVv and not interested in being a competitive gamer? Because that's not my path, AND THAT'S OKAY. Competitive gaming is not the only road to take in the gaming world. There are writers, artists, marketing professionals... the possibilities are endless. I'm in vVv because I feel that I can practice virtually any skill here and gain valuable experience from fellow members and staff. I like to think outside the box. The world isn't over for me if I never compete at a high level and it shouldn't feel that way for any of you, either. I attended MLG Columbus, and was aware of the coming changes as they were discussed with everyone, not just those who were being moved to staff or elite. We were all asked to give our honest opinions, and we did. Did they have to do this? Absolutely not. The ones who are staff or elite are not your enemies. They are your mentors. Take advantage of what they can teach you, but be ready to accept the fact that you might not be as skilled as you think, or that you may not always be right. We all get a little blinded by our own ego from time to time. Let that go and aspire to be something greater and to contribute to something greater than yourself. So much confusion is apparent among community members, with noone receiving the answers they want. Staff is trying to explain to you that all of the answers aren't there yet. Be understanding that this is a massive transition for vVv and that nothing great can usually be accomplished in one day. I think that to many of the community gamers, this is a slap in the face & could potentially create hostility amongst community and elite members. There are hurt feelings and bruised egos. And maybe there are some members who deserved more than a community member spot. I will admit that I am not one of those. I'm okay with saying that I haven't put in enough work or time to deserve something better, yet. I'm still finding my place, but I have faith in this community and in myself. Think of it in these terms... Pre-Columbus vVv = Regardless of color... community member. Or on the pro team. Post-Columbus vVv = You've been given the gift of not having to be one or the other. You get the chance to prove yourself and to stand out. Work for it. And when you become green? Help those who were once in your spot. Be the mentor that staff and elite members are trying to be to you right now. Trust them. Trust the community that many of you worked hard to become a part of. WE ARE WHAT WE MAKE IT TO BE.
  6. Come hang out with the members of vVv Gaming at MLG Columbus 2013! Greetings, gamers! If you'll be at MLG Columbus November 22-24, take a break and come meet the awesome members who make vVv Gaming what it is. We look forward to seeing you there! When: November 23, 2013 Time: 8 p.m. Where: Buca di Beppo (343 N. Front St. Columbus, OH) (614-621-3287) Buca di Beppo is an incredible family-style italian restaurant with a very good food and wine selection, located within a short walking distance from the Columbus Convention Center. If you'd like to take a glance at the menu and pricing, check out BucadiBeppo.com for more information. Dress casually, have a glass or two of wine (only if you're legally allowed to purchase, of course), relax & have fun! Members, applicants.. even if you're a fan or a forums regular.. all are welcome! Please be aware that you should be prepared to have at least $30 on hand, and that everyone will be paying for their own meal. Will you be joining us for dinner? Let us know in the comments! All of us here at vVv Gaming look forward to meeting each and every one of you.
  7. It's November! That means it's time to celebrate the wonders of a cooked bird, what we're thankful for, and one of our very own... vVv Tahvvy! Read on to find out why this friendly graphics artist and Call of Duty community member is sure to bring a smile to your face, as well as spur a sudden craving for peanut butter. Tell us your name. Christopher "Tahvvy" Ferri. How old are you, Christopher? I'm 19. Where are you from? Where do you wish you were from? New Jersey, and there's no other place I'd rather be. What's your occupation? I'm a freelance graphic designer. What inspired you to join vVv Gaming and how long have you been a member? I've been a member for about half a year now, since joining mid-June 2013. Of the Five Pillars of vVv Gaming, which one speaks to you the most? Why? Value. I love seeing people trying to help out others & it makes me happy to do the same. Our community has always prided itself on the diversity of its members. What's something that you feel is unique about yourself? I'm quite friendly and I tend to crack a lot of jokes. I just like to see people smile. Your happiness is my happiness. Who, within our community, do you look up to the most? I look up to vVv Buzz. He has helped me out so much since I was an applicant for vVv. My swag level has been raised to 8,999. He also helps me out with how I design graphics every now and then. Outside of the community, not many people choose to help me out, so when he does, I feel very thankful. Outside of gaming, what do you like to do for fun? I enjoy music, graphic design, dancing (alone and out of sight), singing, baseball, basketball & eating peanut butter. What, in your opinion, has been the most underrated video game of 2013? Which has been the most overrated? Why? To me, the most underrated has been Ascend: Hand of Kul. It's a really fun game that has a companion app similar to the Call of Duty app for Ghosts. It's a game where you have to keep an eye on your in-game currency or you might break your armor or weapon. As for what I feel has been an overrated game, I would have to go with Call of Duty: Ghosts. It's a pretty fun game, but after being announced as the official Call of Duty title for MLG this season, it seems that it hasn't made any progress in supporting it. I believe this title can still change to be a good game, to not only play casually and to spectate, but also on a competitive level. Which professional gaming teams have you looked up to in the past? For which games? I didn't take much interest in competitive gaming until the Call of Duty Championships in 2013, which is about the time I applied to become a member of vVv. I now watch events online and I'm wanting to go to one soon. During the CoD Champs, I was quite surprised about Fariko Impact because I had never even heard of them and they ended up winning the whole thing. Black Ops 2 or Ghosts? Why? As of right now, Black Ops 2. The competitive aspect of the game has been really fun to play and to watch. The only part I've hated is how much a good or bad connection can affect the game for online play. With Ghosts, I get bored after a while when playing alone, which didn't really happen when grinding solo league play on Black Ops 2. How has being a part of vVv Gaming affected your every day life? My graphic work has improved. Most of my nights and early morning consist of me either doing a request or trying to learn new techniques with Photoshop. All of my selfies now include my Siberia v2 headset. This month is about giving thanks. What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for my dad. Even since my mom left he's kept his cool in the eyes of others & he's the most responsible person I know. He's probably the only one who can be better with numbers than I am. It also makes me feel good that I'm usually the only one able to correctly answer his random logic questions. What does the fox say? "There's a song about my species, have sex with me pls." What would you do with a lifetime supply of peanut butter? Make suits for everyone & host a peanut butter party. Is there anyone you'd like to give a shoutout to? I'd like to give a shoutout to my main girl, vVv Medusa, for having such beautiful red hair and for hosting the most fun Community Game Night lobbies during her time as a vVv Call of Duty community staff member. vVv Buzz, for being like a best friend to me. Bombhor, for still using my overlay I designed for her streams. vVv Tak, for giving me this amazing Steelseries Siberia v2 headset. vVv Jiggy, for playing League of Legends with me, even though I'm so bad at it. vVv Zodyak, for gifting me with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which I probably won't play again until I get a better build for PC gaming. Follow us on twitter, like our group on facebook and join in the fun on our mumble channel!
  8. I'll discuss with staff to find out what the best day & time would be for our gathering. Also... I'd like to wrap up the headcount soon, so reply if you think you'll be there!
  9. Oh. My. God. This means I'm finally going to meet you IRL?!?!?!
  10. I'm interested, but I'm afraid I have very little advertising experience in the professional world; only for Yellow Pages a few years ago.
  11. Team up? I'll get the headcount, you make the reservations.
  12. I'm taking a list of name's of anyone who's interested in attending a vVv dinner! At Jerry's suggestion, I'll be making reservations for us here: http://www.bucadibeppo.com/reservations. Please post in this thread if you plan on attending so I can reserve as needed. I'd like to have a list compiled November 1st.

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