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  1. like they said, mid/jungle, if you are duoing, take the bottom lane, having syngery and communication as a duo makes a great impact on performance also, if im first pick i like to ban eve teemo and twitch for a less chance of trolling
  2. hmmm can you find like the elo of someone by whispering the bot in game?
  3. thank you for the post ayslum, i am new to using twitter but i will get it on my phone so i can start tweeting on a consistent basis and grabby i live in a town called torrance, pretty much in LA, and thanks for wishing me luck
  4. B0WZER request sent, and sorry vagrance but i wasnt around that much yesterday except for a couple ranked games way late at night, i've been a little busy w/ classes but now i have everything done and i will be online all weekend, lets play some games when you can get around that thanksgiving stuff Edit: thanks Vagrance i found that i could fill in an about me section, btw do you guys only use online communication through mumble? I reinstalled it a couple of times but the task bar is missing from the first time i used it and i can't change any of the settings.
  5. Yeah i am new to mumble, i guess i have to start hanging out in the LoL mumble chat to start playing with you guys, i just got through midterms so i will be on a lot more, and thanks for the info and the grats Also thank you vVv Jonzn for wishing me luck
  6. thanks, it was fun playing with you, lets play some more some time
  7. thank you Melody and Anaxamander, i have played a couple games with some of the vVv player's but i'd love to play with more of you, i'll be in vVv chat looking to play
  8. thanks a bunch man PS if you guys keep me around i have a lot of embarrassing stories about vVv Rickter <3
  9. Hey thanks a bunch, i played with you once w/ vVvrickter, so apparently i'm one of the cool ones too
  10. thanks for the info, did not know about auto join ill see if anyone wants to play some games if they are free sometime
  11. Thanks for the response, I am currently playing 80-90% of those hours on League of legends, i transitioned about 5-6 months ago to it, and recently started playing ranked. I only have about 50-60 games in but i just reached 1700 and im sure i will continue rising, i hope i can get to play with some of the vVv community
  12. straight up modern rock, here is my playlist i created and always listen to while playing

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