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    Gears of War 3 - SSBM - Elder Scrolls - League of Legends
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    Sushi, Thai, Chinese, Burgers, anything with noodles :P
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    GOW3, MMA, Boxing, Competitive Gaming.
  1. Drunk literally all day tomorrow. Let's go, back with mah brothas as well #goodtimes to come.

  2. You still running those F/A scrims @KnockK_ ? Not sure exactly what they are, but I'd like to be apart of it.

  3. If I'm driving, the radio stations really should not play system of a down...

  4. These gears of war girls are the most intelligent, unattractive girls I've ever witnessed in my 18 years of life.

  5. I'm almost certain I'm done with competitive gears for right now. I still have to make my mind up. We will see what the futurebrings though.

  6. Anybody know how much gears 3 is worth at GameStop?

  7. Free agent now? Eh

  8. Fucking love when my brothers are home.

  9. Experienced to3 need one to scrim tonight. RT please, @knockk_ @Chxbbz @XTORTIONS_JTG @NICKMERCS @J_Ribs

  10. Emery

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    App is looking solid. I believe you sent me a message about Scrimming. My gamertag Is the same as my name on here, gimme an add. Keep up the good work.
  11. Emery

    Vero ProDiGY - vVv App

    Guys doing big things for the community, no doubt. Try to add vVv applicant onto your sigs in Gownation, not sure if you have it on xbox or no, just wanted to give you a heads up. Either way, stay active here in this comminity as well, we all know how active you are on the gears community. Good luck
  12. Make sure to check out http://t.co/EpAirSMP to find scrims on dedicated servers today!! Report any issues on the forums!! @NICKMERCS @J_Ribs

  13. Watching the best goddamn show in the universe #workaholics @ADAMDEVINE @UncleBlazer @ders808

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