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    FacT got a reaction from sypepelltut in vVv Gaming's eSports Survey Results   
    Pretty good insight as to where vVv stands as a community both in age diversity, and interests.
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    FacT reacted to OhMyApollo in Things to do in Dallas!   
    So i am currently researching what there is fun to do in Dallas for those of you/us that will be ariving early or leaving late! i'll post some things and update it often! But if you guys know anything i don't post please feel free to post!

    Taking Back Sunday Concert Thursday Night!!!!

    JFK Memorial

    JFK museum

    10 Best things to do in Dallas:

    31 things to do in Dallas:

    2 Feet Jenga?!?!?!?!? OMG Jenga tournament!?!
    And it's a bar and grill as well! #winning


    Dallas Aquarium:
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    FacT got a reaction from TiLter in vVv Warrior removed   
    Well, i'm glad he's gone.
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    FacT reacted to vVv LordJerith in The Talent Factory: Skills for eSports. Skills for Life.   
    The Talent Factory: Skills for eSports. Skills for Life.

    As many of you know, in March of this year vVv Gaming celebrated its 5 year anniversary. This weekend, I have had the opportunity to reflect on what we want to accomplish in the next 5 years. While thinking about the right direction to set, it is important to look at where we are today.

    vVv Gaming is the most accomplished console organization in the world. With top 4 LAN finishes on 4 continents across 18 titles. Beyond our accomplishments we are also widely recognized as one of the best, multi-title eSports communities in the world. Personally, I believe we have some of the finest people in gaming. I also think that our unique community based model has been a competitive advantage to our brand and our sponsors. As I think about the next 5 years, I keep thinking about something that Kim Rom, the chief marketing officer of Steel Series, said to me a couple years ago. He said to me, “vVv Gaming is a 'talent factory'.” Talent Factory. Think about that. I think everyone knows that in our model we don’t go out and purchase the top talent. We focus on potential, we explain opportunity. Most importantly we also build community.

    So knowing all of this, as I started thinking about the next 5 years. Those two words keep coming back to me: talent factory.

    We have accomplished everything that we set out to do in our first five years, and obviously so much more. I believe that vVv Gaming, our staff, our players, and our community have a seat at the table. We play a vital and important role in eSports. I think vVv Gaming is one of the most recognized brands in eSports, but sometimes I think it is misunderstood. I do not want to focus on why we are sometimes misunderstood. As you can imagine, when I start to think about setting goals for vVv Gaming, it starts to get tougher and tougher to raise the bar. I keep thinking; will getting a top-10 Starcraft placement make a difference? Do we really need to win more? Do we also need to be the most accomplished PC organization? Would doing that really help eSports grow?

    There's an old saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I believe over the next 5 years we should focus on how we can help that eSports tide to rise. When I start to think about it, when I start to think about the explosive growth we have had recently with games like Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, I believe we have more opportunities and needs than we have the talent available to fill them. There is that word again: talent. Talent Factory.

    As I think of the next five years, I think maybe vVv Gaming needs to embrace being a talent factory. I think we need to be more than just an awesome, phenomenal gaming community. I think we need to be a talent factory.

    I bet most of you right now are probably thinking: “Jerry, thats great, but arent we already doing that?” To which I respond to you, “Yes we have.” What we have not done is formally mapped out a strategy and process nor have we done a good job of telling the world that we are a great talent factory. To be fair, we probably are more like a talent mill than a full fledged talent factory. So thinking about the future, I would like to change that. I would like to be a talent factory not just for players but the kind of staff and infrastructure that eSports will continue to need for growth.

    Before setting this new direction, I want to make sure of two things. The first is that for most of everything we do, there wont be any changes. We will continue to sponsor players, and grow community, and do everything we love. I need the community and staff to understand that everything we do right now, we will continue to do. Remember, this direction is about GROWTH, not about change. The second thing is that I want to know if the staff, the vVv Gaming community, the fans, and others involved in eSports believe that this direction is helpful. Of course, I am most concerned what the vVv community and staff think about this.

    So I am asking all of you, do you think its a good idea for vVv Gaming to really build on the foundations we already have in place, and by foundations I mean this talent mill? Should we develop full speed into a talent factory, developing staff, writers, editors, eSports analysts, graphic artists, etc? Here is a academic way to look at the idea of a Talent Factory:

    vVv is essentially the community college of esports at the moment. We get people prepared to represent themselves as players, as gamers, and therefore also ready to properly represent vVv Gaming. Everyone involved in the professional world should have skills. We transform vVv into the University of e-sports where people can branch off into more specialized fields and therefore set themselves up for employment in, and create value for, the emerging e-sports "industry" (we're not an industry yet, but hopefully, we will be soon).

    I look forward to hearing all your thoughts and ideas. Be honest. Feel free to ask tough questions. Feel free to tell me that you have dreams of working in eSports full time.

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    FacT got a reaction from Nyx in Voison's Resignation... From Staff.   
    You deserve the break Kenny, you do a lot on the site, probably even more than what I notice.
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    FacT reacted to Voison in Voison's Resignation... From Staff.   
    So I think its time I get this off my chest... I really dislike being on staff lately. I mean, its was great for so many months, but the past few weeks it just seems like a chore. Its not even fun and I dreaded getting my task list every month. It wasn't because of what I had assigned to me or anything, its just seems to never end anymore. It seems like my day would be, wake up in the after noon, then I would turn on my computer and see over 100 msgs from skype and would have work to do. So I would do my work and whatever else was needed because not everyone had access to ACP or even knew how to use it. After all that was done I would MAYBE have an hour to my self before I had to go to work. I just miss being able to game or watch movies or just relax now of days. I also am very tried of having to fix so many mistakes for people. "Opps Voison I forgot spoilers." "uhh voison I can't post this, why?" "Voison, how many posts do I need to post in the SB" etc... Which is normally fine... But then I go to my day job and do the same thing, but with rich snobby people who work for other large corporations. So after 8 hours at my day job, I just want to come home and relax, but I can't because it always seems like someone is to lazy to read something and keeps bugging me for help. So I think I just finally lost it the other day with people asking "hey can I have my color back" etc...

    I just basically just want to enjoy my time again... I have netflix movies that are a month old just sitting there waiting to be watched, but never had time.
    I also just want to play Guild Wars 2, I want to enjoy Diablo 3, and I want to enjoy LoL till those 2 games come out. I want to enjoy spending time with my GF, instead of doing pointless work.

    I do not want to be removed from vVv, I love the community and made so many friends. I just want to have fun with gaming again. Now work 2 jobs and not even enjoy it.

    So thanks to everyone who have made my job as staff not so bad, and to everyone else... Go bug someone else.

    I asked to be removed from MMO manager also, but was denied so I guess this was my last option. I don't want to be the leader of this "Mass invite guild", I was against it the whole time. I admit we started off slow, but there wasn't even a release date yet, so there is no HUGE rush. My members and I had some plans but was still working out the fine print, but I guess it doesn't matter now. So this is just how I feel. I'm sure Talon or any other MMO player can run the guild just fine. My ideas for the D3 give away are still in the admin only section, so go crazy.

    I have already removed my self from the staff page on the homepage. I would like to just be moved back into Donor. I would do it my self, but I'm not able to remove my self from the ACP.

    PS.... I'm not doing this to follow the other halo players (game is dead, chill out people). I just want to have fun now.
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    FacT reacted to Treva in Bad mouthing   
    Not at all. "I have reported you for not having to be at your computer in order to win with your race, Blizzard will accept that fact but nerf Terran anyway."
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    FacT got a reaction from HotShot in Get_Sausyy's app   
    Putting emphasis on really putting effort into your application answers, it's some peoples ONLY way of "judging" you, and therefore extremely important as first impressions really do matter.
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    FacT got a reaction from Emery in Emery's Application   
    Cool guy, he helped me out with every map, and looks like he is willing to aid anyone who asks for it. Best of luck on your app, and everyone should hit him up for lessons, you can always learn something new
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    FacT got a reaction from goodguymike in TRIPPY's App!   
    Trippy is mad good at gears, his gb team looks solid.
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    FacT reacted to vVv LordJerith in GloryD's Re-App (Was vVv GloryD)   
    Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!

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