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  1. sure ill give you an add! vvvfact2
  2. vvvfact2 S4. I need to grind i only have like 90 ranked games played 20-30 of those not in solo q
  3. Entertaining video, but lacking depth. Not that i expected much from the opening cinematic.
  4. I hope I can make it down there, it's only a three hour drive from where i'm currently living.
  5. Big news, i'll make sure to tune in and cheer you on!
  6. Competition Brotherhood Support Potential Professionalism Vision Dedication Value Validation
  7. Good luck, I appreciate your service.
  8. I can understand the game being a let down for most people, and if you don't want to continue that's fine, however, I think you should upload what you have already finished of course so your already invested time/effort does not go to waste.
  9. 5 dollars for 1 mil is pretty ridiculous. inb4 massive inflation.

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