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    League of Legends, Allods Online, Wizards101, Call of Duty, Day of Defeat, Nancy Drew PC games, Star Wars The Old Republic
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    All Harry Potter movies, The Notebook, The Proposal, The Holiday, Phantom of the Opera, PS I Love You, all Star Wars movies, Life As We Know It
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    My boyfriend of more then 2 years, Reading, Gaming, Nancy Drew PC games, and Acting in local theater productions
  1. Definitely! That's what I consider a KS, though some other people haven't quite got the memo yet.
  2. Never. But no, I don't kill steal, though I do get accused of it.
  3. Whenever I play support, I always end up doing more then my job as a support. What I mean by that is I'm able to do both my job and get tons of kills. So playing support isn't a bad thing.
  4. All kinds, mostly symphonic metal, country, and techno.
  5. Next time, let's not make the tournament on a Super Bowl weekend. I wasn't able to take part because of it. Super Bowl weekends I'm not really at a computer much at all.
  6. Good luck with your application!
  7. "We will have even more information for you soon, including the rules, format and Map Pool for the Online Qualifiers and Arena. We'll also be providing full information about all the other games that will be on the Pro Circuit. For now, if you're a StarCraft 2 player, we hope you're ready. There's a lot more at stake now. And keep in mind, this is just Winter. Who knows what glory Spring will bring? Welcome to the MLG 2012 Pro Circuit." Competitor Passes for MLG Columbus will go on sale February 14th at 7pm ET. Spectator passes will go on sale soon after. (Quoted from the MLG web site) Mortalemago and I will hopefully be going and getting the spectator passes! We'll be staying at my cousins if we do go.
  8. We also have to remember everyone has different schedules and stuff going on so not everyone will be able to get in on one. We could alternate days as an idea. Like one week, have it a couple days/nights. So everyone has a chance if they want in.
  9. is tired of watching everyone around me have something wonderful happen to them...

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