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  1. welcome feel free to add me and get some games in!
  2. vVv aMaZeSiN


    need to play some more apex with you and vish so yall can carry! lol
  3. hey! welcome and goodluck! feel free to add me i play a bunch of diffrent stuff lol
  4. welcome and good Luck! stay active and join the discord!
  5. welcome and goodluck! feel free to add me i play all sorts of stuff lol
  6. I play here and there if you ever wanna run a few games lmk!
  7. thnaks! gotta get you on some gears lol
  8. GREAT gears player,and awesome guy to play with GL bro!
  9. thanks Milkyy! hope all is well!
  10. im always up to play some seige
  11. i got a team for it might have a 2nd to join aswell but right now my team will be in

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