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  1. i dont like it, not being lvl 2 after golems is a big deal and does slow down the jungle considerably
  2. it still will never be the same.....
  3. if your looking for a coach the vvv_bigpapa os the one to talk to hes super chill and will walk step by step with you in the learning process
  4. ya i agree with Det on the ep/gp mod, in my experience its a far better mod then anything out their
  5. i saw a lot of the assassin and sorcerer tanking during the beta, idk if it was because black talon was low and those classes tanking was viable for that lvl or if they will be better tanks end game then the sith juggernaut or bounty hunter powertech. i felt they had a lot more CC capabilities beginning game were as me as a juggernaut almost had no aggro holding capabilities am i just bad or is anyone else seeing this?
  6. now with the jungle mechanics all flipped upside down im in the same boat as u bro
  7. we have an singed crossed with a white tibers?
  8. idk i agree with wigglez on this, iv jungled fine b4 but now i see lvl 1 ganks coming out of the jungle.....

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