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  1. I would use its features to make my daily life and traveling just that much better #ifihadglass

  2. plants are annoying still.
  3. So how do you all feel about the recent Zyra nerfs? It looks like the really turned the dial down on her damage not to mention the range reduction on her ult. Do you think they nerfed her too much or was it much needed?
  4. I actually found it on youtube and I loop that shit and play to it. O.o
  5. gl on ur app bro keep active!!
  6. I have tried jayce out and I don't like him. His combos if you get them right are superb but his skillshots are easy to dodge. he can get shut down by people like cait if she hits the net on him coming out of his acceleration gate. any sort of stuns can stop him as well.
  7. What are your thoughts on the champion reveal? Do you think this is a fitting 100th character for league of legends?
  8. Bro ofc its not worth it. you ever heard of troll builds? xD
  9. If items still stacked. Warmogs- merc treads- FoN- FoN- FoN- Atmas on mundo
  10. or if you have a good duo do support ad carry bot
  11. Plat you can duo with me if you would like. 1133 elo though. had some bad luck starting out when my teammates decided to play HEY LETS JOIN THE GAME AND NEVER PLAY lulz
  12. I can see why people complain about his ult however. It's basically Cho ult with a Yi ult passive.
  13. Or, STUN CC SLOW. The right team comp can completely shut Darius down in a team fight with the right positioning. If your having problems with him just do to him like what you would do to any other fed character. Focus them. chain CC isn't going to let him get his bleed stacks off in the first place. In a 1v1 situation slow and kite.
  14. I've learned that a good Udyr solo top can own Darius. BEAR TIGER STANCE HARASS OP. Try it sometimes

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