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  1. No I swear it is maybe not so much on the Western end but in Asian. Go check the statistics on google or something like that:)
  2. Great post. Gamers should also know their capacity to play for so long till they start waring out this can cause you the "game". A good workout is always the best thing to do because it releases endorphins, which makes you happy somehow... Angry gamers are oftern the ragers and everyone hates ragers You dont really need a supplement drink to be healthy but will benefit you a lot. Chocolate milk is very good for you too>.<
  3. hah yeah! just letting people know so maybe they can improve^_^
  4. haahah im saying this if you already a decent/pro player, so you wont just be spamming like a nub. My training creates a steady hand, and controled fingers, I fill a small bag with sand and put it under my wrist. The results are good>.<
  5. If you skilled you will need that insame burst of APM. Guess like no wants a insane apm>.< just trying to share some of my training to get a high APM-_-
  6. I got a secret to how to get a high apm>.< want to know??
  7. Sc2 is harder than Wc3. Probley doesnt have the high APM to be good like the Koreans
  8. If you want to get a high APM then ask me cause that realy effects the game a lot>.<

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