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  1. Skins buggy no? Blonde megaman is cool though :3.
  2. Inspiration give you more education Education that a fi all the nation What a cause so much sufferation Sufferation only bring devastation Every day dem a come with new Legislation and a whole leap of things what i not mention Mention- the youths nuh have no occupation Occupation stop the desperation Desperation is man creation

  3. Listening to the different sounds... music... seeing the work done so far... Really excited for this Fledgling Studios project. This game is gonna be hella creepy. Perfect!

  4. reading intently forget spotify randomly silenced song blast of music makes me jump in my seat when spotify decides to turn the song back on

  5. Dammit! Everytime... I get home... have some grub... and get super sleepy when I have a lot of shit to do. Damn you scumbag brain!

  6. Finished up a show in Hollywood... Headed home.

  7. FINALLY - we have an ANIMATOR! Go Fledgling Studios go!

  8. LAPD occupying ELAC like crazy. Jeez.

  9. this student in this class just read waaaaaaaayy too deep into this painting. lol. those grapes don't mean anything.

  10. good morningggg...

  11. Omg lee.... Snores....

  12. "getting our computers and our four printers and our card cutting slaves to cut cards for elims"..... Is why the politics of the majority of these debaters are parasitic on blackness.


  14. frightening.. so fucking frightening.. enough to drive enough a man insane.

  15. Fledgling Studios is looking for an Animator | Rigger to join our team! We have a number of models for you to play with and bring to life. Check out our Reddit thread http://bit.ly/fledgstudiosanim or visit our website to get in contact with us :)http://fledgstudios.com

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