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  1. RT @BubblyRobinson: I swear to God you're dead to me if you don't retweet this http://t.co/st6NBvCc2K

  2. @SportsBettingAG I have been betting on your site for awhile now, I was wondering if you guys have looked into eSports at all for the future

  3. Pilot=ADC Chei=Sup Chaser=Jung At least that is the starting roster as of now. I can safely say that Pilot should start. I would stay away from the others, just like I stayed away from the LGD top lane yesterday.
  4. I feel like Day 2 will be a hell of a lot more difficult than Day 1.
  5. @NAMELESS just a heads up pretty much all your social media links in your twitch are fucked up

  6. @TBGDiablo bo bust bose beeks

  7. @Qualityislife damn u get a lot of replies

  8. 10 days till Black Ops 3 and me actually playing again woot woot.

  9. @fuckinDex @TBGDiablo you guys never trust me, I haven't been wrong yet.

  10. RT @PITBUSTAR: this has been fuckin' me up for HOURS https://t.co/Mx6xQ4HYAJ

  11. Watching the MLG Finaps is so underwhelming compared to League of Legends Worlds

  12. @UnderArmour are you guys going to restock the Brown Leather Mobtown shoes in Size 12 anytime soon.

  13. When you order 3 orders of fries at in-n-out and don't want to use there little ketchup cup things. http://t.co/8LGHZrf1G7

  14. Elstan11 got career ended. I would be so mad lol #DKLoL @DraftKings http://t.co/tXfF9yT3FU

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