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  1. vVv is an awesome community and will always feel like a home away from home to me. I might not post in here often anymore, but there is always something that brings me back here on a regular basis just to check on what is going on in the world with vVv. It is awesome for me to see Bagzli still working his ass off to keep vVv great.
  2. RT @BubblyRobinson: I swear to God you're dead to me if you don't retweet this http://t.co/st6NBvCc2K

  3. @SportsBettingAG I have been betting on your site for awhile now, I was wondering if you guys have looked into eSports at all for the future

  4. Pilot=ADC Chei=Sup Chaser=Jung At least that is the starting roster as of now. I can safely say that Pilot should start. I would stay away from the others, just like I stayed away from the LGD top lane yesterday.
  5. I feel like Day 2 will be a hell of a lot more difficult than Day 1.
  6. @NAMELESS just a heads up pretty much all your social media links in your twitch are fucked up

  7. @TBGDiablo bo bust bose beeks

  8. @Qualityislife damn u get a lot of replies

  9. 10 days till Black Ops 3 and me actually playing again woot woot.

  10. @fuckinDex @TBGDiablo you guys never trust me, I haven't been wrong yet.

  11. RT @PITBUSTAR: this has been fuckin' me up for HOURS https://t.co/Mx6xQ4HYAJ

  12. Watching the MLG Finaps is so underwhelming compared to League of Legends Worlds

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