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    Plattypus got a reaction from pyrocumulus in Riot ploxxxxxxxxxx   
    Usually there is a reason you are in the tier you are in.  Elo hell is a figment of your imagination.  Even if you know how to properly lane gank/countergank, you might be lacking in some other department.  I know that I could do better conserving mana, last hitting, and even some of my team fight mechanics.  I know that my primary issue is my rage, which I have been working on.

    Something else to consider is that if there is no leader on your team, you should rise to the occasion and fill that void instead of grumbling about the pubby shit lords.  Another thing to consider is relinquishing leadership to someone else if they are at least getting the team's support.  Morale + mindset are 90% of the game and if you can get a team member to keep your team focused + happy then you are bound to win.
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    Plattypus reacted to Perspective in Take a Break   
    You just played your 4th game of the night. You went 21-2-0 on LB but you lost to a Kalista that backdoored your nexus. The 3 games before this one you haven't been playing up to your full potential. In situations like this you can NOT keep playing. Taking a break for a day or even an hour will have you coming back refreshed and  feeling like a new player. It doesn't always seem like the best option at the time (especially for the stubborn like myself) but trust me, it is.
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    Plattypus got a reaction from vVv OrganicBear in PLURfect's ReReApplication   
    I don't know too much admittedly to be able to judge the changes, not to mention I have changed so dramatically since then.  It looks like since League went from Beta/Season 1 (Still competing with DotA 2 for main Moba at the time) to now, things have gotten much more serious with vVv.  I think its more serious, which is what we are all shooting for, which means it is better, I just haven't quite caught the rhythm of being on Mumble all the time and such.
    As far as my real life predicaments, they aren't really predicaments.  I won't go into every gory detaiil here, but being laid off forced me to make some decisions with my future.  I've been wanting to find better work, move in with my girlfriend, and find more time for my other life needs.  I am now finding work for $20-30/ hour as opposed to my previous $14.  I am moving into my girlfriends house because I no longer work 2 miles from my parents house, which is pushing me a step forward towards my girlfriend/her kid (our kid?), and because of this I am working towards getting a new vehicle.  None of these things are really problems, but are most certainly changes.
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    Plattypus reacted to Sumowning in To ADC mains   
    Dear Adc/whole fckin team,

    I am not the only person that can ward!

    P.S. Got a vision problem? BUY WARDS!
    -Your support
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    Plattypus reacted to vVv Paradise in Plattypus's Re-application   
    To you, the person who is thinking of endorsing Plattypuss's application, I must ask...

    Do you feel comfortable endorsing The Awkward Plattypus Hoverhand?
    But seriously though. Welcome back around, Jason. If you have questions about the new application process, let me know. Look forward to seeing you in Mumble.
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    Plattypus got a reaction from Huldan MeGroyn in Jungler SHYVANA, The Half-Dragon   
    I don't agree necessarily with your full point. If you have read my other guides, you would know I am a feign for movement speed, and with the health regen, magic resist, and movement speed of Force of Nature, it is essentially the only magic resist item I need to run on her. I think Wit's end is a good item for offtanks, or certain tanks, but frankly when I build full tank I don't worry about attack speed. A tank should do enough damage to be focused, but worry more about soaking + peeling than doing damage.

    Feel free to show me in game, I'm just discussing builds I have had success with. With a Force of Nature, no one can escape Shyvana, and sets up numerous ganks from behind because she can outrun anyone, show up behind then dragon in the whole team for a really nice initiation ( if done properly ).

    || I didn't realize I didn't post any summoner skill recommendations, usually I suggest a few. for this case I usually run Exhaust to make up for her lack of CC in ganks. Exhaust is a solid choice for numerous champions, and when used properly can crush an enemy.

    LASTLY: I did mention she can solo top, I was asked to write some jungle guides, so that was the focus of this guide: jungling. I never soloed top as Shyvana, always jungled, so I can't talk about her top abilities. I always found her jungle to be too strong to bother with laning.
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    Plattypus got a reaction from Beast- in Cr4zyBëast vVv League of Legends Application   
    Since I am practicing to cast more events for us in the future ( KOTSH, Video Guides, etc ) I will cast the events. I have a good connection, and good setup to stream even with music. I can get 720p+ so, I will take care of that every chance I get.
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    Plattypus got a reaction from Beast- in 3v5 With spec, varton, and myself we won....   
    Man this thread needs to relax. Trolling is fun and all, but there should be love up in here.

    Spike, have you played a lot of ranked? It's shitty all around.

    <900 Elo means you get to deal with teleport revive evelyns and shit, but as long as you carry people to victory you can win

    <1200 Elo means you get people who just started playing ranked, and still think teleport revive evelyn can work, and try to play her ( then fall down elo ) so you need to carry a lot of people, but sometimes you get a break

    >1200 Elo means you have to play your best and pray that you don't get trolls on your team or you still lose.

    Ranked is tough all around, at every elo, but if you are a decent player you should climb up the ladder. Also, if you play with a friend, it is usually safer. Everyone knows this, and its just something people want to complain about. One of the worst players I know has a 1300-1400 elo just because he plays mordekaiser every single round, and if mord is banned or picked, he plays something else that he deems as OP.

    So, everyone should relax, elo =/= skill.
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    Plattypus reacted to vVv OrganicBear in vVv sponsorship. (READ)   
    Okay, let me offer a bit of professional advice then. The way to make your application stand out is to fill it out completely, truthfully, and concisely. Another thing that helps is to express an interest in the organization you are applying for, how you can contribute to their goals, not just what you are looking for. If you do those things, your application will stand out (regardless of what you are applying for).

    Putting things like (READ) in the subject line comes across as demanding, like I'm here to service your request and I'm lucky if you don't get impatient while I do it. I highly recommend reconsidering this type of attempt to grab attention. A much better title would have been (Team name) (Game) Sponsorship Request Application. This tells me everything I need to know at a glance and lets the right people get to the sponsorship request immediately without having to dig through the entire app (which, by the way, I still don't know what game you play or what your team calls itself).
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    Plattypus got a reaction from igopumso in Twinkiey's Application   
    Elliott, you gotta listen to what Asylum told you. Post more, tweet more, social network more. It's the only thing holding you back.
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    Plattypus got a reaction from Nicholas A. Cope in vVv LoL Cope85 Application   
    Hey, as of today I am in line to becoming the new MOBA manager. I have played League for about two years and am currently in charge of writing guides for the League of Legends community. I am working on integrating video and better feedback.

    I have been around vVv since late last summer, and have seen a growth in our League of Legends community, and would like to try my best to make it as enjoyable and engaging as possible. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, etc feel free to contact me, I do my best to be on Mumble every night.

    Best ways to contact me:

    Email: ttalpnosaj@yahoo.com
    On League of Legends : vVv_Plattypus
    Skype: theplattypus

    I am also on steam as "theplattypus", but in general I am not on there.

    As the new manager, and as a community member, I would love to get to know you better as a player and as a person, so feel free to contact me whenever you want.
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    Plattypus reacted to Asylum in Jungling: From Your Jungler's Perspective   
    I see a lot of people complaining about their jungler nearly every game. As a primary jungler, let me explain your complaints from the person you blame. Your jungler has many areas that he needs to help control. Let me explain:

    1) Your Jungle: His/her main source of gold/experience. If your jungle is being invaded then you need to leave your lane and help force out the enemy. Let me put it this way: when your lane is pushed to your turret then your lane opponent is overextended, isn't it annoying when your jungler/mid isn't taking advantage of the overextending? The enemy jungler entering your jungle is the equivalent of your lane opponent overextending. It is your job to help the jungler as much as it his/her job to help you.

    2) Enemy Jungle:Warding buffs/areas of interest can help your jungler steal buffs and gank the enemy jungler. You should help take advantage of vision. Vision grants knowledge and knowledge is power, therefore vision is power so utilize wards.

    3) Dragon: 950 total gold to your team. Help the jungler secure Dragon. Spend the extra 50 gold and buy a pink ward instead of a green ward. Don't be cheap.

    4) Lanes: Your jungler can't gank if you push to their tower, but theirs can. Lane ganking can be important, but from a jungler's perspective NOTHING is more annoying than an incompetent laner. Here are some reasons a jungler might be reluctant to risk a lane gank:
    a) While dead, unable to help other lanes.
    While dead, unable to obtain/defend your buffs.
    c) While dead, no Smite is available to secure Dragon. (Not to mention it allows them to more easily Dragon)
    On the other hand, if a gank is successful the lane can be pushed and the tower may be destroyed or Dragon might be safer.

    The most important piece of advice I can give is for laners to FOLLOW THEIR LANE! If their mid leaves mid and heads toward bottom, top, or a jungler, FOLLOW THEM, don't allow your team to become outnumbered because of your greed, selfishness, or stupidity.

    If you are doing poorly in lane it is rarely the fault of the jungler. Players in this game have a difficult time admitting fault, instead they place blame on others. It is not to say that it is ALWAYS their fault, though, as sometimes you just legitimately get dumb teammates. One thing I have noticed is that if you are unsure about your lane matchup (most notably top) then take Teleport. If you are someone who complains about your jungler then you need to take a couple days and do nothing but jungle so you can understand the important role that is jungling.
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    Plattypus reacted to grabby in 'Skill' and League of Legends   
    Not my write up - another interesting write up I found while creeping reddit. Hopefully my little analysis and reposting these reads isn't breaking any rules... I think they're good insights into gaming.

    There's a pretty sweet comparative analysis between several gaming genres and titles and discusses exactly what is skill, how are LoL players or LoL playing different... Definitely agree on a lot of points. Give it a read - share your thoughts , we spend a lot of time in the game and I think it's equally important to read about these types of things, you gain a greater meta grasp of the game.

    Some Thoughts about skill in LoL; Why many Esportists from other games may think it doesn't even exist and why it's actually deeper than they think. by Roflkopt3r 1 Dec 2011 (First of the month yee!)

    Now, if you watch any pro player, you can often see them feeding like hell to some noobs. Many people who disliked LoL often consider this proof: Seemingly there is no thing such as skill, it's all luck.
    Then there even are some very high level players -right now that would be probably HotshotGG and Ocelote- who have been losing insane amounts of elo recently and playing, to put it blunt, often quite crappy. And than there is someone like Shushei who can go 10-0 against world class players but then feed 0-14-0 (as BRAND) in duoqueue with Xpeke.

    What does define "skill" the most in different games?
    You will probably agree that the most fundamental difference in LoL compared to RTS like Starcraft and Warcraft, and to shooter games like Counter-Strike and Quake, is mechanics.
    In Starcraft:BW, WC3:TFT and SC2, most top level players have been constantly running 200-350 actions per minute (3.5-6 key strokes per second). They have insane multi tasking and micro at many different frontiers at once with great precision, while the macro management (building units) for itself is really difficult to learn, and you have to maintain it over a full game of around 10-30 minutes. It was so astonishing that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p08QFrGa8Jo. (note: You do not necessarily need higher apm than the enemy to do more effective actions. There are players that are just highly efficient about their actions while others do lots of pointless stuff only to press 6 keys a second no matter if it helps).
    In shooters on the other hand, i's all about precision and reaction speed. While in high apm RTS players would do quite well with swiftly repeating difficult, but learnable patterns (select baracks - build marines; select factory - build tanks...), shooter players are far more reliant on reaction speed. This is not necessarily an innate ability of a person, but has to be learned according to a context. Means you can be a real slowpoke in real life, but after a year of playing 8 hours quake a day, you will have fast reactions within that game, trust me. That mostly comes because you know what to expect and know the according responses. In shooters, these responses consist of accuracy and response time - aim for their heads as fast as you can - and learning weapon specifics (AWP: You have exactly one shot. M4/AK: Need to be good in controling the spray. Rocket Launcher: Need to know how to really hit these slow rockets on fast players).

    Now, how does League of Legends fit in this?
    League of Legends is almost completely unreliant on these things. You do not need awesome apm or multi tasking. And during the time you have to dodge a xerath skill or even to Sivir-spellshield an Alistar headbutt, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diPonkYH0iU.
    Technical aspects? You only need to really press 4-5 buttons, which have cooldowns of at least 3 seconds. You don't need multitasking as you only control one character (or two at the most). The precision you need to click the right target is ridiculously low compared to Starcraft or CS. By WC3 hardcore community, DotA players already were ridiculed as "just too bad to play WC3" since it was so easy mechanically - up to the point were DotA had very complex tactical requirements and WC3 players couldn't keep up with it without learning the game for real.
    No, there is no noteworthy mechanics in this game. League of Legends consists almost completely on adecisionmaking level. Very little of it on the macro level -item builds are not what makes the pros better than the rest and the rest mostly depends on your team, like when to try dragon- but on the fast estimation and response-level. What you need to do is to judge "Go in? go back? Use my condemn now or safe it to kick away bruisers when they come? How to position?".
    Also, LoL does not require constant attention. CS does usually - one second missed, someone headshots you, or you get flashed and die. Quake does -you constantly need to time items, and fights could happen almost any second. And Starcraft does - or suddenly all your bases are on fire, or you just get outmacroed and lose the next big fight easily, even when that happens minutes later.

    How does this make LoL skill often beeing so hard to see?
    It's mostly because the mechanical level is very small. A really good CS player has the reflexes and aim and even when he doesn't pay attention, against a worse player he will still do his headshots - I've been there, high and drunk at 4:00 am, rocking my noob friends on LAN. A quake pro has a great rythm for the movement and the insane aiming skills. Good SC2 players always have insane macro - once you have a sense for that, you just keep getting more ressources and spend them faster than worse players, and you almost cannot lose.
    In LoL in comparison: Mechanics don't help. Even a pro player like HotshotGG has to be constantly fully aware of what happens. In SC2 you usually don't get baited, because if you have better macro than the enemy, you cannot get baited - you are stronger than him, anyways. And in shooter games it's hard to pull such a move, anyways - in doubt, pros just play it careful.
    Whenever a LoL pro lacks the immediate attention of what's going around, you will notice. Suddenly a 2300 elo player can go 1-6 and lose a 1300 elo game, easily.

    And why people are just not as aware as in other games...
    LoL requires very very little attention of players compared to other esports games. During laning you can often easily eat or get something to drink or anything. AFK for a minute? Sometimes they might not even notice. Beeing only there half heartedly? You won't miss anything important usually, someone will ping you were to go and your pure presence can often be enough.
    I'm not saying that you can play the whole game half-heartedly, but the punishment for not paying full attention for a few moments isn't nearly as big as in other games! But in general there are quite a lot of situations in LoL which require basically no decisionmaking, even though decisions are the only thing you actually have to make.
    And many situations are just... really simple. A 4-1 Irelia really does not need to be afraid of a 0-3 Chogath with low creepscore. In comparison, a Quake or Counter-Strike or even SC2 opponent who is behind can still be damn dangerous! Even without much money plus low health on the enemy team, a single desert eagle shot can kill. And even if the enemy is behind in SC2, if he can pull a hellion drop that kills all your workers in six seconds, you can easily lose.
    I mean, honestly - you wouldn't believe quite as hard that a team can comeback at a 6-20 scoreline compared to
    (for all non counter strikers: in these scenes Khrystal kills several guys who each carry a gun that is worth 400% of his weapon).
    It's a team game - Correctional factors for mistakes.
    But, no matter how much you can see individual pro players feed the heck out of their champions - in the end a team of pro players will win 10 out of 10 games against a team of 1500 elo dudes. How comes I'm so sure? Because it adds the decisionmaking of five people, against five people. One guy in solo queue can easily miss the gank and ooops, suddenly the enemy has baron. But a communicating team makes up for individual mistakes, and helps preventing them.
    In other games these correctional factors also exist. In SC2, it's because most games consist of many little fights between the two players, not that one snowballing gank situation that makes it impossible to win the lane. Even if the better player gets baited into a bad engagement; first, he will be careful enough to not lose it all. Second he will make up for the disdvantage just by building units faster. And because matches usually consist of more than one fight but often a lot of little harassment, he will win the game on the long run.
    And in shooters it's usually just that there is much less of a snowball effect. Lost a round? CS 1.6 needs 16 to win (also, again there are 4 teammates to make up for mistakes of one guy not paying attention) and Quake goes over rounds of usually at least 10 minutes; also it offers a macro level (timing and planning items and routes to collect them) that can make up for lacking aim on a bad day.

    Finally: TL;DR.
    Individual skill in LoL is much harder to see than in RTS or shooter esport titles. It contains almost no mechanical level but is pure decisionmaking which requires constant awareness, so even a good player can truly suck when not paying enough attention. For a full tournament level skill comparison, it's really the team that counts over individuals. Further adding, the danger of comebacks is low at most times in LoL, so it's easy to lose attention.

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    Plattypus reacted to Vagrance in vVv Gaming Presents: King of the Summoner's Hill 3! (Link Inside)   
    ^ hahahaa

    That tournament was very entertaining. You should keep your DJ because he played Charlie Brown as well as Cutting Crew. I hope he plays Careless Whisper on the next one!
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    Plattypus reacted to Vagrance in vVv Gaming Presents: King of the Summoner's Hill 3! (Link Inside)   
    Actually I'll take a pair of vVv Spike's panties.
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    Plattypus reacted to ToXSiK in Looking for Providence MLG Information   
    I will be competing as well, hope to see you guys there! ;p
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    Plattypus reacted to FaZe in Looking for Providence MLG Information   
    I'll be there playing SC2!

    So pumped! :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Plattypus reacted to Metaphor in After all the players left for the day, one remained to practice   
    This is very inspirational

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    Plattypus reacted to mysticsprinkle in Diablo 3 Is Going To Ruin My Life.   
    There goes my hopes and dreams of having a 4.0GPA this semester! Sigh.
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    Plattypus got a reaction from Jonzn in Jonzn's Application   
    Yo Jonzyn, you're mad chill to play with but I never see you on anymore, hit me up sometime =D
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    Plattypus reacted to ShowNoHope in vVv Gaming Announces KING OF THE SUMMONER'S HILL 2!   
    I had to stay late at work D:

    I see anax took first again- lol - hauser got 2nd though, veri nyce
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    Plattypus reacted to Envy in The greatest Lee Sin Kick   
    This happened about 2 days ago to my friend in one of our matches lololol
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    Plattypus reacted to ShowNoHope in Mordekaiser Broken OP?   
    There was a time when I thought Mord was ridiculously overpowered and needed nerfed, but I learned how to counter him and play passively. But recently, I think he needs to get removed from champ selection until they fix him. In ranked games, I can easily pick a character to counter Mord, but in normals, I constantly find myself getting noobstomped while I'm just trying to have fun. For the last couple of patches, Mordekaiser's E has been glitching far far far out of it's range. I know that lag plays a factor, but it wasn't this bad when I originally thought he was OP. This past week, I am consistently getting hit by Mord's 'E' at ranges that surpass Cait's auto attack (650+) and it's only supposed to be around 450. To put this in context, I have sat behind my tower, completely still to eliminate any interference with lag, and continuously been hit by a Mord that stays completely out of the turret range. And it's not an isolated occurrence.

    This last patch unintentionally changed mord from an AP bruiser to a Long Range AP Nuke Bruiser. QQ, I know right? But I'm sick of getting noobstomped by every normal game Mordekaiser, simply because I don't want to pick Irelia, Jax, or Malz every game.

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    Plattypus reacted to ShowNoHope in Gamers Gridiron 1v1 Tournament Feedback   
    It was definitely different, I really don't 1v1 much but I can see it becoming an extremely popular meta. I had found some spelling & grammar errors on the gamersgridiron site but can't recall where they all were. The one I did manage to locate was changed before my eyes. I don't know how. Pretty sure I didn't misread it. And I wasn't shitfaced... hue knows. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the single elim. - Spectating is fun, but 1v1 is still entirely original for me and I really enjoyed the one match I did play, regardless that I lost.

    I think that if this event takes off, a great feature for gamersgridiron would be a real-time poll on the brackets so spectators can vote for the match they most want shoutcasted. This would definitely ease the early-league pressure on the streamers and keep viewer counts up, as well as encourage community participation. But without an audience large enough the poll would be useless. It's just an idea for future development.
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    Plattypus reacted to iiCeY in Community game night!   
    I think we should start getting a community day going were once a week we just run customs with people from vVv and just have fun like troll games, just regular games and maybe pros vs noobs were we can teach others what they did good or wrong...I think it would be fun and with observer mode hopefully coming out soon we can adventualy lean it to a wensday night starcraft type thing.

    Running normals is fun but I think it would be hilarious and Fun to run full 5v5 vVv games one day a week to relieve some elo hell stress

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