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    I am in school for massage therapy, and I'm damn good at it.
  1. I love how you called him broken when he hasn't even been implemented into the game yet. He's only 'broken' because you can see all of his best traits, but now how it actually translates into a team game. A lot of champions look fantastic but turn out pretty lackluster *cough cough SIon rework*. At least Riot is making fresh champions instead of the same : One disable, One Steroid, One Dash, One Really defensive or offensive ultimate. Do you remember when Riot put out like 6 tanky melee ad champs in a row? I like the fact they are at least trying to make the game interesting, and also they have a better balancing team now. I don't know if you have noticed but the last maybe 5 patches have actually been pretty fair. There are still some flavor of the month champions, but no one (except maybe Jarvan) is banned every game anymore. I don't know, food for thought.
  2. I used to go on massive losing streaks because I would refuse to end the night on a loss. The problem with that is you just get more and more pissed, more and more toxic, and eventually just win out of luck. I once went on a nearly 20 game losing streak (all in 20 min or less because of surrenders/not all ranked) because you get trapped into that behavior.
  3. Usually there is a reason you are in the tier you are in. Elo hell is a figment of your imagination. Even if you know how to properly lane gank/countergank, you might be lacking in some other department. I know that I could do better conserving mana, last hitting, and even some of my team fight mechanics. I know that my primary issue is my rage, which I have been working on. Something else to consider is that if there is no leader on your team, you should rise to the occasion and fill that void instead of grumbling about the pubby shit lords. Another thing to consider is relinquishing leadership to someone else if they are at least getting the team's support. Morale + mindset are 90% of the game and if you can get a team member to keep your team focused + happy then you are bound to win.
  4. I had fun chilling with you guys and catching what I could. I got to know you guys a little bit better, and got to sneak in some community games. Thanks for hosting!
  5. I didn't say I was in hell, I was just requoting the guy above me complaining about Silver baddies. Elo hell is a state of mind, nothing to do with the game. When I was in Silver I thought I was in hell because I couldn't rise above it. Now that I am in Gold I realized my mistakes, and how much I have improved. When I get to Platinum I will realize the same thing.
  6. I don't know too much admittedly to be able to judge the changes, not to mention I have changed so dramatically since then. It looks like since League went from Beta/Season 1 (Still competing with DotA 2 for main Moba at the time) to now, things have gotten much more serious with vVv. I think its more serious, which is what we are all shooting for, which means it is better, I just haven't quite caught the rhythm of being on Mumble all the time and such. As far as my real life predicaments, they aren't really predicaments. I won't go into every gory detaiil here, but being laid off forced me to make some decisions with my future. I've been wanting to find better work, move in with my girlfriend, and find more time for my other life needs. I am now finding work for $20-30/ hour as opposed to my previous $14. I am moving into my girlfriends house because I no longer work 2 miles from my parents house, which is pushing me a step forward towards my girlfriend/her kid (our kid?), and because of this I am working towards getting a new vehicle. None of these things are really problems, but are most certainly changes.
  7. Sounds like a great way to reintroduce myself into the community. I'm probably going to be home with the girlfriend and kid, so I'll be in and out, but it sounds like a fun time.
  8. Man I remembered why Gold sucks. So many people from Silver ( Gold IV ) That think they're good but do worse than the Bronzies they climbed from. And at the end of the day they are still in the "elite" player base.
  9. You know it. Also I apologize for my lapse in activity, I've been laid off by my family so I decided now is the time to move into my girlfriend's house, and it is closer to work/school blah blah blah I'm back.
  10. I think everything in the game is fun in different ways. I like supporting a lot because I get to make super risky plays all the time: tower diving at level 4 because if my carry gets a kill on their carry its worth it, roaming through the entire map to keep random shit warded for ganks, baiting an entire team into their demise.
  11. My letter to ADC Mains: Get your head out of your ass. Yes you are the one that does the damage, gets the kills, gets the farm, and even has a personal assistant for most of the game. You are the one that the enemy team wants to kill. You are the 'Hero' in this story..... but you are nothing without your team. Stop treating them like idiots, start trusting your supports, and go with the flow. Your team needs you to not be an arrogant lone wolf that gets contracted in, they need you to trust them to protect you just as they depend on you to carry them. There is nothing worse for a team than an ADC that cannot group, target the right people, or push the right objectives and then tries to compare creep score or KDA to non carry members of the team. You are equally as important as any other member of the team, you just get to play the fun role. Remember that next time your support isn't able to save you after you over extend without buying a single ward all game. Sincerely, A Support Main
  12. I will preface this with I listen to everything. Every genre of music, not just 'EDM' or whatnot. When I am at home/jamming in my car typically I crank out some Happy Hardcore, Nightcore, Hardstyle, Electronic Body Music [industrial/Cybergoth], and Dream Trance ( <3 my bread and butter ). When I am out at clubs generally I seek out the Old School House, Ambient Trance, Psytrance vibe. If I am at a big event I am usually on the Drum n Bass floor, there's nothing that gets people moving like DnB. In Short, everything. Thanks man! I think I was a bad division manager because I was trying to emulate Jerry's leading style: strict, stern, straightforward, but I didn't have his drive or ambition to push the team to a better place. I was great at cutting dead weight, but not good at challenging people to rise to the occasion. I spent more time feeling belittled by certain members and succumbing to drama than I spent on organizing our team, getting sponsors, or getting community events going. I feel I could do a better job as a commuity member now, and regardless of title will offer whatever I can to the group. As far as my rage issues go I plan to remove the stress relief equation from the game altogether. When I am having a bad day, I won't try to immediately jump into a game of league to forget about it. I have started working out again, and will try to get that emotional release through exersize (Like I used to do) rather than through getting into insignificant arguments on the internet. If I couple this with a strategy to make sure to take a break inbetween games, win or lose, I can remove any growing anger or cockiness from previous games and take each game as a single step towards climbing the ladder. Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome back, I've missed you guys.
  13. ^Same here. I would like a champion that manipulates minions. I want to see the minions actually have some sort of importance late game other than food. The passive be an aura that buffs allied minions, abilities that retarget the minions, an ult that converts a seige into a super or something. I could see this champ being played as either a support (fucking up the opponents adc farm) or a top lane split push god (zzrot portal + minion control ftw).
  14. Oh hello vVv how's it hanging? Some of you may remember me as vVv Plattypus (former community member, former LoL division manager [albeit a terrible one]) and there are many people who probably have no idea who I am. I am absolutely in love with League of Legends and have been since beta; there is no other game that I would rather play than League. The only problem I have faced is a lack of people who are seriously trying to get better, and I have come to a standpoint. I can either A) keep playing with my friends and stay in the Goldish elo range, or actively seek out people better than myself to practice with. My best elo was Gold 3 last season, and right now I am at Silver 1 (I managed to place Gold 3 then rage myself down, yikes). I would like to hit high platinum this season, and I know I have the ability to do so. On to the application.... Name: Jason Platt Age: 23 Location: MA Summoner Name: ThePLURfectOne What is your current division in Ranked? Silver 1 How long have you been playing ranked? 3 Seasons What rank were you at the start of last season? Bronze 1 What rank were you at the end of last season? Gold 3 What is your favorite champion and role? Why? My favorite champion is Singed but my favorite role is support. I love playing support because it is an underappreciated role that makes a huge difference in the game. When someone knows how to support properly they can change the entire flow of the game. Get your ADC fed, stay on top of objectives, peel for your carries later, all of that is important. I love playing Singed because hes a bastard. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I googled 'how to be a professional gamer' and stumbled upon this site. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I know many members of vVv, but Sugarbear and Jiggs are the ones I know best. I've maintained a friendship with Sugz despite leaving vVv many years ago. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Right now I mainly just focus on work, school, and my new relationship (and the little girl that comes attatched) but I am known to practice MMA, party hard (Raving), and numerous outdoor sports. Have you ever been banned or chat-restricted in-game? If so, why? Hahaha yeah....I get mad too easily so unfortunately I get goaded into stupid internet fights that I don't need. There's nothing that gets under my skin than a team that doesn't listen and then calls you out. Over the next 3 years, what do you hope to accomplish in your life (professionally and personally)? I am going to finish school by September and start a massage business with my girlfriend Melissa. I also plan on climbing the social ladders and continue on my path to throwing my own music events. On top of that I plan to be a father to Bella. I have other goals, but those are pretty important to me. How can vVv Gaming help you accomplish this? It can't, but I also want to get good at League. Over the next 3 years, what do you hope to accomplish in your life (gaming-wise)? I would like to rage less, focus more, and play better. How can vVv Gaming help you accomplish this? By giving me better interpersonal skills, managing my temper with people younger than me, and giving me better skills in game. How could you bring value to vVv Gaming, as well as your personal life, by actively improving on these things? I am a cosplayer, I have many connections to in the New England entertainment area, I have many skills involving computers, party planning, decorations, and costuming. This can mean I can help boost our convention prescence with my skills setting up/running a booth, online prescence, and in-person appearances. What have you done over the past few months to work toward those accomplishments? What could you do better? I am working on a Singed cosplay for PAX East, but other than that I haven't applied any of my efforts to vVv. I can help organize a booth at various events if given the opportunity. When you play LoL, do you primarily play to win and improve, or do you primarily play to have fun and don't care much about learning or winning? When I play normals I am trolling and having fun, but I play mostly ranked games and try to improve. Have you ever competed in online or LAN tournaments? Many of the vVv sponsored King of the Hill tournaments, and some other amateur college ones. Have you attended any national events? (PAX, LCS, IEM, etc.) MLG East, MLG Columbus (2010), Anime Boston, and I will be attending more. When you play games, do you tend to choose games that pit you with or against other people, or do you prefer to spend more time playing single-player games? I strongly prefer multiplayer games, I have a bloodlust. How did you get into gaming and what role does it play in your life currently? I got into gaming as a child, being more of a loner than anything else it was a natural hobby. Presently it is an enjoyable hobby I use for stress relief or to cure boredom (I work a physical job, and have physical schooling so I need to destress my mind) Why do you think diversity is important for a competitive gaming community? Diversity is important for any community, you need to have different perspectives to learn different things. If everyone is the same, then nothing can be learned. How do you handle conflicts with friends/family/coworkers in your everyday life? Usually I figure out the cause of a problem and isolate then resolve it. If Person A is arguing with Person B, I figure out what the issue is about. If the issue cannot be fixed, and it is just people being stubborn I remove myself from the equation. Usually a compromise can be had. What do you believe is the role of sponsors in esports? Can you tell us about an experience you've had involving companies that sponsor esports teams or events? Sponsors are what enables great players to not be limited by equipment, they remove the additional factors that can limit or inhibit performance. They are the great equalizer for higher competition. What type of organization are you looking to join? What would the ideal environment look like for you? My ideal organization to join would be one that focuses on self-sustaining constant growth. If a group of individuals are willing to learn, listen, teach, preach, and work hard then there is nothing that can stop them. You must have a group that has a vaccum to success, the people at the top striving to get better, and the people at the bottom striving to be the people at the top, and everyone working hard to push the limits.
  15. I have been MIA for a bit, I apologize, I will return as soon as possible. http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/60731-plattypus-mia/

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