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    Maze reacted to Shaft in Section Clean-up   
    Yet the whole goal of vVv SC2 is to maintain an active forum, an active twitter account, and other forms of social media. So no, we are not meeting our goals at the status quo, but this will help facilitate the acquisition of those objectives. What it boils down to is, we are supposed to have that volume, so if we prepare for it, we'll get it. Also, not kicking 30 members out of the section in one sitting will help as well.
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    Maze got a reaction from Varton in Grrr Muta Harras early game + lings.. what to do!   
    well u should have an obs on the map before 10 mins. another tell is to poke at around 7 mins. see if u only get countered by lings. thi smeans all his gas is going into something gas heavy like mutas or infestors. and infestors arnt so popular anymore so its most likely mutas since its the meta game right now anyway. when i see mutas i go blink stalker DT-archon.
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    Maze got a reaction from Flower in Flower's App   
    FLOWER! good luck with the app process, im sure youll do great. Just one thing, i think you misunderstood the last question/statement from the application o_O

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