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  1. Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! http://t.co/mMBVPSAG

  2. Finally hit 1000 Wins last night in league, had to stay up till 4 am to do it.

  3. ACT NOW - Speak out against the anti-consumer copyright Bill #C11 being rushed into law. Takes 2min. http://t.co/nTR7etjC via @ccercanada

  4. Bought a bunch of old games off the PSN , man they sure made them harder back then.

  5. Man the 31st cant come fast enough I want my new arcade stick

  6. I got all the skill I need... In my pants!
  7. Trying to decide which fighting game I want to focus on playing, MK9, SSF4A, Blazblu or MvC2

  8. I troll quite a bit in normals because people take them far to seriously and I like to have fun when it dosent matter.
  9. I have discovered I suck at street fighter 4 but I'm still winning online.

  10. Man the nerf to shacos box time messed me up a bit, I mean I never get to use him in ranked but I love to troll with him in normal games and just counter jungle everything.
  11. Got my copy of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade addition and preorderd my Soulcalibur Tournament addition fight stick.

  12. Grats on the win, I'll be checking it out later. Always try and catch all of wombats casts.
  13. Yea, I guess I'll just stick with what I got for now then. Hopefully they eventually buff or adjust the new stuff to be more viable.
  14. So I've saved up 24000 IP since the new runes first came out, I'm wondering if any ones found an actual use for any of them that makes them usefull or if I should just spend my IP on new champions and be happy with what I got.
  15. Personally I want to try it out on Jax with how much attack speed you can get now and the fact ad/ap no longer pumps up your health

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