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  1. Man you still in this jawn that’s tough lol 

  2. https://twitter.com/@vvvarkaine https://Twitch.com/vvvarkaine
  3. Vision Valor Victory will always have my vote. Changing a logo & updating a website is nice but it's important to uphold original content that was made along the founding of vVv Gaming.
  4. vVv Arkaine

    NBK application?!

    Immediate endorsement from me. Welcome back Kyle good to see ya. We’ll have to get some Apex gaming in soon.
  5. We have added an Apex Legends role in Discord. If you play Apex on any platform (Playstation, Xbox or PC) then feel free to hop in the vVv Gaming Discord, react to the #announcements or #general-chat post and I will get you guys set up! Also, I'm currently on Xbox and PC so if you would like to get some games in i'll be around! Gamertag: Arkarino OriginID: vVvArkaine Update: DM me on Discord at vVv Arkaine#5307 or mention me in the vVv Discord to get the Apex Legends role in Discord
  6. As long as they're pissing on Anthem, I can get behind that.
  7. vVv Arkaine


    Welcome! Make sure you edit your profile, upload a profile picture and stay active on the forums! Also join us on discord if you already haven't! https://discord.gg/87pQuU Glad to have you here with us!
  8. http://twitch.tv/vVvArkaine Weekdays & Saturday, 7PM EST-12AM EST
  9. Of course Pherzghul blows it out of the water and releases a masterpiece upon us.
  10. 7 has my vote, i enjoy black & white on my merch and i feel like those two absents of colors show the authenticity of the organization pretty well.
  11. I was coming here to endorse too. Awesome guy, would be a great fit for vVv.
  12. You on PC? We’ll have to run Destiny soon
  13. Stitches with the breadstick? He's washeddddd
  14. In a recent discussion with a good friend of mine, we were trying to think of content that people generally like watching on Twitch.TV. His viewership joined in on the conversation and said the most cliche things that Twitch viewership will say. Things like: "We'll always be here no matter what you do" and "We enjoy when you do casual things to talk with chat". He then proceeded to make a Twitter poll to ask people what they like. I know it says "D2" but this conversation carries pretty well to just viewership in any game in general. The poll matched what they say pretty well, but the votes don't correspond well to actual viewership at all. We see the viewership fluctuates the most when "Casual/Grinding" sessions are happening and the chat doesn't exist. So I'll pass the question off to you. Why do you watch video games and why do you think people say they will enjoy the most of one thing and not follow through?

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