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  1. RT @vVv_Gaming: #MLGSpringArena2 Great games so far and many more to come!

  2. I feel this is a great idea. It lets people who don't have a large time to devote to the game, but are still good players have a chance to compete. I see this going far and hope that everyone tries to get on the team and of course we will have subs so don't feel bad if you don't make the top 5 because you are just as important to be there.
  3. Gl on your app. Just send me a invite in game if you wanna play.
  4. Welcome and gl on your app. If you wanna play in game hit me up.
  5. BigPapa

    Vendettaz App

    Good luck on your app, if you need anything as me or anyone else in the community =) we are here to help. Join in mumble and play a few games with us also.
  6. Spray paint a gun with teemo on it.
  7. Howdy, we are a fun community to hang out with. Just hop in mumble and play some games with us. Inv me anytime.
  8. Howdy hop in mumble sometime and hit a game or two with us.
  9. Times will be posted at the end of this week. Please keep posting times.
  10. Lol thats why I'm setting up 2 a week so weekend people and weekday people get to play.
  11. Ok, so far weekends in the afternoon seems to best for most people, but I still want to have a second in-house for people who might only do games during the weekdays. So please keep posting times. Bare with me, I plan on trying to get this up and running either this weekend or the next, because i still want to get as much feedback as possible. Thanks.
  12. Hey LoL community, I want to start scheduling regular in-house games for vVv and want your feed back. I want to have at least one a week but would like 2. Please post days you yourselves would be able to do this and what you think are good time for others. This will give me the most accurate read on when to plan these out. The final plan is to make this a regular event and promote the LoL division to people who don't quite know who vVv are, eventually making it to where we can have multiple going at a time with at least one vVv member in each to moderate it. For any further inquiries please pm me on the site or contact me on my e-mail @ tolljv@yahoo.com. Thanks for your feedback. Sincerely yours, vVv BigPapa
  13. If only xin was still viable.

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