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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from darkgreenrangr in xxminion999xx vvv app   
    Welcome bro! hope to play sometime
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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from Dutch in DuTcHieSss vVv application   
    Hey man! welcome to vVv and Good Luck on your App
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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from Haps94 in Haps94 Application   
    Welcome To vVv if you ever want to play with me hit me up "Ecstasy sY" hope to see you at CGN tomorrow!
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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from Orlando in StrayTension's vVv application!   
    This is my man right here. Great Solid Player. Good Luck bro
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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from FTK_xMileena in vVv App   
    welcome man enjoy your stay
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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from Britzel in Player Application- Britzel   
    Welcome Man
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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from Caliber in LgCalibre's app !   
    If i were you, I'd take more time to fill out the application
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    Ecstxcy reacted to Muhdewsa in MLG 2012 [ MW3 ]   
    Lol MW3 is a terrible game because:
    1. The spawns are completely FUCKED up. Even after their "patch" that "fixed" it, it's still completely terrible.
    2. The maps are terrible and aren't very balanced. Dome = awful. Lockdown = awful. Obviously these are just opinions, but them being unbalanced/one-sided is a fact.
    3. No LAN system speaks for itself.
    4. Once again, there are only maybe 2 different combinations of perks + the weapon thing you can use. Everyone uses the same thing, no matter what, all the time. Unless they decide to do a switch-a-roo and use an MP7 instead of an ACR.
    5. The pace of the game is slower than Black Ops is, and spectators were already upset about that, so what does that mean that people will say about this game?

    There's other shit wrong with the game, but this is all that I could pull off the top of my head, and I haven't played it in a week or two. I'm already expecting to hear some of you guys complain about what I've said and try to argue with all the points that I've made. Obviously there's going to be something wrong with every game that comes out since nothing is perfect, but sometimes the cons outweigh the pros, and there definitely are a lot fewer pros than cons with MW3.

    MLG probably isn't going to pick Black Ops back up, I think they would before they ever picked up MW3. Or they just might get rid of CoD in general which is very possible.
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    Ecstxcy got a reaction from CaliJokerstyle in Graphic Design App   
    Hope you get the job your art looks amazing

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