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    Drogba got a reaction from ENDONDUCK in vVv Gaming Revises Application Process   
    cool, about time this was established didnt really know which area I fit in.
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    Drogba got a reaction from OhMyApollo in Applicant Feedback   
    I'm surprised Emery hasn't gotten an interview yet really interested in the well being and bettering of others in the community.
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    Drogba reacted to vVv Arkaine in Applicant Feedback   
    There are 3 Gears apps that I think are great. But a lot of the current apps are complete douches.
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    Drogba reacted to P_E_R_U_C_I_C_H in P E R U C I C H's Gears of War 3 Application.   
    Slowly figuring this twitter thing out, sorry for the slacking on that part of my app.

    @jerith, I went to MIT for a year, school really wasn't for me, but I do regret giving up my spot at MIT. As far as your other question, I should of reworded it slightly better and should of said one of the best. I plan on getting better by just practicing. I find myself dedicating more and more time to practicing. Secondly, I take criticism from players who are clearly better than I am. Any criticism I can get, I take. I even ask for it. This helps me both grow and learn as a player. As far as a training routine goes, I play with a couple real life friends. We get on, do some alpha execution and work on strats, so I can be prepared with the upcoming possibilities as a member of your Gears of War team. Therefor, if and when I am playing for your team, I won't be too rusty and I'll be familiar with your strats come game time.
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    Drogba reacted to vVv LordJerith in Little Miss Sca Gears Of War 3 Application   
    Do you and Hannah live together?
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    Drogba reacted to vVv RobZ in Applicant Feedback   
    He's the typical passive aggressive nerd. Reminds me of my younger years.
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    Drogba reacted to TinGez in Applicant Feedback   
    IDC hpw many names he has or whteva
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    Drogba reacted to Eminent in HoLduRs App   
    no doubt hallusenation the times i have played with you you are very chill and cool and thats what i like in a player or team but also serious and dedicated and yea im open to play with any team never know what could happen

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