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  1. RT @IamAkademiks: Dawg.... What would u do??! N how can this be a secret ? https://t.co/mROWGfzb0j

  2. RT @kanyewest: you have to know who you are before you can become it.

  3. @markbattles317 is the truth ?

  4. Bring on Hazard wtf

  5. Nigeria U17 are nasty #U17WC

  6. FML https://t.co/hJZqzv4B4I

  7. If we lose tomorrow to Stoke, it's over #MourinhoOut #GuardiolaIn

  8. bro whoever made this needs an award https://t.co/NbJitdIl8h

  9. Went to Africa a week ago

  10. @airjapesfifa update made goalkeepers retarded

  11. cool, about time this was established didnt really know which area I fit in.

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