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  1. tvz - fun match View File bio vs muta ling Submitter vVv WaKai Submitted 08/19/2012 Category Community  
  2. Normal is only a point of view, you may think that your life is un-normal but you just described the normal life from 20-30 years ago (e.g., The nuclear family). A new normal is very much what you're describing about yourself, kids by the thousands are pursuing gaming, all under the impression that if they dedicate enough time that they'll make it to the top; only to realize that after all those sacrifices it still wasn't enough. Our society is obsessed with meritocracy, and yet we don't like admitting that luck is the major player behind any sort of success. Maybe it's you who should take a look back on your life and wonder why you're still stuck in the rut of a gaming life. You have been gaming for your whole life; does that make you much different from a farmer who's farming his whole life? Maybe you've become too comfortable with your normal gaming life, invested to much time into it, that you're scared of exploring the unknown and fresh? Why this obsession with passion? You will never feel fulfilled if you live your life by passionate means; it's a hunger that can never be sated. Don't mistake gaming or passion for something new, or an answer to societies troubles. It makes you no different than the nuclear family dad when you put your head down and trudge forward, hoping for a better life... Can't you see the similarities?
  3. Careful, success and failure can be one and the same thing. Finding peace in the life fortune has dealt you will be a worth while pursuit. The more you chase a life you wish you had, the more you'll feel bogged down by all the things that have to magically fall in place. More of, the more you chase, the more desperate you become, and desperation will never end well. I like that you quoted Socrates, but also know that the examined life will only bring happiness given years of practice and study. It's knowing that acceptance of what is out of our control is not complacency, but freedom. It's knowing that happiness is not found so high up, constantly out of our reach, but in the every day occurrences in our life. So I ask you, how much of your time is spent dreaming of something you wish you had? How much time is spent relaxing, and looking at your life, not with an eye of dis-contempt, but of appreciation? You will find happiness in the small things in life, that has always been true.
  4. Gaming has been a large part of my life, through it I've met many great people. Some may have started recognizing my increased inactivity. My passion for gaming, and all that it holds is fading. Although in the past I have tried to re-kindle this passion, I will not do so this time. Outside vVv I have been cultivating myself and my values. I do not see this as a sad, or happy moment. For vVv will continue to operate without me, and I without it. For those curious about what I will be doing, I will be picking up a trade in mechanics, pursuing philosophy and spirituality as a hobby. Thank you all for the experiences we've shared, and I hope that you continue on sharing them with each other. Good luck, and have fun!
  5. I'll be away for a week or two while I take the time to work some things out. See you all soon!
  6. Play by plays are amazing, but yeah time constraints can be a problem. I like the summary for game 3 as well, those work well too.
  7. vVv WaKai

    Where Have I Been

    Welcome back! These stories are always great to read, thanks for sharing Trivium and it looks like things are starting to really look up for you!
  8. Tatsuota has been helping me behind the scenes with content creation and is a pleasure to work with. His passion for smite really does show! I believe he'll be a great fit for vVv gaming.
  9. From what i've seen so far around the forums and the video he has made, I believe he'll be a great addition to vVv gaming. Keep up the good work!
  10. vVv WaKai

    9Line Aeroglow's App

    Welcome to vVv Gaming! Argh so close to gold with that silver one! What kind of photography do you do?
  11. vVv WaKai

    Tatsuota App

    Fun playing titanfall with him, he's not afraid to share and express his ideas. Send me an invite when ever you're on if you want to play some more.
  12. Basically, if people know that his ult is coming and have basic knowledge on dodging they won't get hit. But it's a great synergy with bruiser comps that rely on diving the squishies as movement becomes more predictable. His other abilities fit well for laning and dueling.
  13. Don't worry, they will be, but if there's an awesome play it'll be good to have it recorded
  14. Strange, It might have been a bug, want to try using it again in the in-house?
  15. The teams will be made and balanced is if doing a regular inhouse. I think Jiggy is hosting this one right? She will run it as usual, but the only difference is that both teams will be running wtfast and submitting their scores after the match. Only an hour and half left before the in-house! make sure to sign up!
  16. To close the contest "Loose your Latency with WTFast" vVv Gaming will be making this Thursday's community in-house games a little more interesting. For the opening match, each member will download WTFast and run it while competing against the other team. After the match, each member will show their improvements and all the victors will receive a 1 month premium subscription of WTFast! The members that where not so fortunate will automatically be put into the WTFast contest draw for a chance to win either a vVv Gaming mousepad or 1 month of WTFast premium! When: 30th of January at 5 PM PST Installation guide First ten people to check in by posting in this thread will be chosen to play in the show match! Substitutes will be taken in case anyone is late. Check in vVv JayC WillyWooTang vVv Pherzghul BasedPoro Br0ken Samurai FireWater Vultige Good Luck to all!
  17. I can fill in as a mage once I hit 90... i'm 68 now, might be able to get 90 by Tuesday.
  18. I sit here, keyboard at my fingertips, and I'm trying to find the words to describe my last 7 days in L.A. Surely, going from looking at a sun soaked valley, to an iced stained window has its saddening attributes. "Of all the things that wisdom provides for living one's entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship." -Epicurus*. I cannot stress this idea more, finding people to truthfully call a friend is hard to come by. For me personally, I had never really experienced true friendship until now. Most of my past was filled with fizzled friendships which explains my inability to take something at face value. I hope this sheds some light on why I avoid people. I hope you didn't take it to heart, as my questioning as to what is implied in conversation drives me to insanity. Jerry was able to figure this out after asking me one single question,"Who do you consider to be your best friend?". I really didn't have an answer for this, I could not think of one person whom I've ever thought as a best friend. Before vVv gaming, I preferred a life of solitude as human interaction was as tedious for me as someone might feel when writing lines for bad behavior. Which explains why I always avoid petty conversation. Small talk was probably the thing I hated the most. Due to its way of focusing on what people thought was socially right to say; rather than discussing about themselves or ideas. As a child, I tried creating conversations about ideas or about things learned. To my dismay, most kids and even parents thought I was a "know it all". I then understood that the discussion of ideas wasn't for everyone. So I spent most of my years in quiet solitude. Surprisingly, the small talk coming from people who are true to themselves is quite interesting. What the vVv gaming HQ has shown me is that small talk between close friends is a way to find and explore more about each other. To laugh at each others quirks and help fix each others poor attributes. I believe vVv Gaming within itself is an extension of that. Over the last week, my activity with the community has increased. I can say, I'm interested in how other people feel and interact. I enjoy helping others complete their goals and make something of nothing. What I didn't realize over the course of my lifetime is that I have a lot of empathy at my disposal. I'm able to sympathize with almost anyone, thinking of why they may feel this way or have done that. But as with my love for ideas, asking someone questions of why they are feeling a certain way and giving advice isn't within their best interest. So yes, most of my skills where for deeper human interaction then what was socially acceptable. The only way for me to actually use these abilities is when someone consciously comes to ask help from me. The trip was definitely an enlightening one, not because of the hot California sun, but of Jerry's ability to really show who I really was. I hope, that by reading this you come to understand the impact that the people here at vVv gaming have on us. Take every opportunity vVv gaming gives you, it will be a rewarding journey for anyone brave enough to take the first step. Good Luck in your vVv Gaming travels! If ever you need to run an idea by someone, you know where to look. * pg.73 in "The Essential Epicurius" by Eugene O'Conor
  19. vVv WaKai

    B4rdo App - WoW

    was talking about your member title "Permanent Applicant"
  20. vVv WaKai

    B4rdo App - WoW

    lol nice title, From what i've seen while working with him and talking with him on mumble, he's got a positive attitude and gets things done. I feel he's a good fit for vVv gaming. Good luck on your app, although permanent does sound like an awfully long time.
  21. I have feeling meetings between these two will never really go any further then corgis. Next thing we know, the roster is replaced with vVv Corgi White , the cutest and most cuddly team in the challenger scene!
  22. That corgy... Welcome to vVv gaming! we've already done intros so good luck with the team.
  23. We're looking for members and apps alike to run events for the league of legends community. This can be from doing something similar to King of The Summoner's Hill or anything you can dream up! Please contact me if your interested in running an event that can engage an audience as well as the players. Tasks include; organizing, managing and producing the event. Please contact me if you're interested.
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