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  1. Man you still in this jawn that’s tough lol 

  2. Scrubs don’t have to talk period they are just trash players
  3. back from my college visit

  4. Heck yes goin on this College Visit tomorrow im #hype

  5. TinGez

    Taco's vVv app

    Congrats bro on gettin your interview!
  6. RT @Shes_So_Swaveyy: lol not everyone was made to rap

  7. RT @T_Ash44: whatever i do.. sometimes i dont make her happy i feel like

  8. I just want to c my girlfriend Today and feel good. But thts not gonna happen. :(

  9. Damnnn bro who? RT @dewayneee_: That's why she's too big for her wedding dress ole over thirsty ogress look biiiiiaaaattttcccchhhh

  10. Bout to go to the gym and get this lift in! sms

  11. This girl smelt like straight fish smh

  12. RT @DaeJenae_Swishr: what does ctfu means ?

  13. RT @757teamz: Track & Field Rankings - Week 1 http://t.co/NFRXUFFr

  14. RT @RealJibril: YOLO <<<<< Hakuna Matata. #Teamfollowback .

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