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  1. I will make you a vVv overlay when you are in vVv
  2. Protoss is ez thats why i play it .. BYEAH!
  3. Honestly just go to mobafire and read a few guides. I am sure a few will help a bit
  4. Yes thats what i was trying to describe .. Dway understood as well
  5. you just rebind next base to space. group all queens in one control group hit v hold shift.. space click space click space click
  6. I started out as rampd up.. but that felt too long.
  7. is it possible to be not bronze?
  8. rampd

    Maze's Application

    This guy has worked so hard since i met him. Good luck buddy!
  9. have you checked out asylums? it looks like that
  10. Alright ill come up with one for the Gears community next. Probably done around tuesday or wednesday .. I got another project for tomorrow
  11. is it just me or is this post in complete white? sorry i switched to the old theme
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