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  1. @foolofatom Lolol idk why but I my OBS stops picking up Dota, I fixed it shortly after

  2. @foolofatom checkbox checked holmes

  3. Playing @ADota2L via https://t.co/KzXu54sh4X

  4. Gettin that 5k http://t.co/WUYFUVAsu6

  5. @NahazDota What are some of the major differences between NA circuit and EU/Asia? It feels NA dota is always too different in style

  6. Streaming Invoker all day pretty much http://t.co/gqOTzFsbKl

  7. DOTATOM INVITATIONAL http://t.co/r83957WRqx Best of 3 format. @foolofatom @BreezyReecey @XenosKing

  8. Reece's Puffs + Chocolate Milk

  9. The part I also lost it on. Brilliant.
  10. 2 pm PST Monday the 14th.
  11. This guy is really good at League of Legends. Go uDy!
  12. hehe. I just hooked up my new monitor and played a dominion. Hit me up boi!
  13. Oh shit, incoming :the Republic of vVv Spike.
  14. Vagrance


    Merry Christmas, see you after the holidays!

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