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    Asylum got a reaction from ndolenrelay in stat1k's officer Application   
    Application closed. Applications are closed for the following reasons:

    -Requested by applicant
    -Failed to upload a Pic
    -Failed to COMPLETELY fill out Forum Personal Profile and "About Me" Page
    -Applied to another organization
    -Inappropriate conduct

    Please contact me or staff if you feel this has been done in error. If you do not contact staff within 3 days, this application will be filed away as "Closed/Not Admitted."

    Thank You,
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    Asylum got a reaction from endatuet in Week 10: vVv Gaming vs. Team Revoki   
    In the tenth week of Wednesday Night Starcraft, vVv Gaming takes on Team Revoki in a best of 7 single-elimination King of the Hill for $100!

    vVv Gaming Roster:
    Starter: vVv Time
    vVv Xog
    vVv Hasuu
    vVv Titan

    Team Revoki Roster:
    Starter: RevFaYde

    Game 1 VOD

    Game 2 VOD

    Game 3 VOD

    Game 4 VOD

    Game 5 VOD

    Game 6 VOD

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    Asylum got a reaction from endatuet in Week 4: vVv Gaming vs. VP Gaming   
    In the fourth week of Wednesday Night Starcraft, vVv Gaming takes on VP Gaming in a best of 7 single-elimination King of the Hill for $100!

    vVv Gaming Roster:
    Starter: vVv NGry
    vVv MurDeR
    vVv Time
    vVv Hasuu

    VP Gaming Roster:
    Starter: VPSuppy

    Game 1 VOD

    Game 2 VOD

    Game 3 VOD

    Game 4 VOD

    Game 5 VOD

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    Asylum got a reaction from Vixen22 in Vixen22's Application   
    Congratulations! After reviewing your application, posts, social media activity and reviewing feedback from staff and community, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for an interview!

    LordJerith covers every link in this thread during the interview, so READ THIS CAREFULLY!

    Please PM me which day and time work for you. Interviews last 45 minutes.

    LordJerith conducts interviews Tuesday-Thursday between 7 and 9PM CST and Sundays 5PM-7PM. He can make exceptions, but please try and make yourself available during these times.

    Please schedule your interview with him through his calendar: tungle.me/lordjerith

    Congrats! Come Prepared!
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    Asylum got a reaction from Cheese (former vVv) in vVv Gaming's SW:TOR Guild Launch Contests Have Arrived!   
    vVv Gaming's Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Launch Contests Have Arrived!

    vVv Gaming is pleased to announce the successful launch of its Star Wars: The Old Republic guild today! Since the beginning of early access, we have had great success in recruiting members and accomplishing objectives with amazing results!

    To commemorate the launch of this amazing guild and game, we have decided to hold several contests where the first to accomplish certain tasks will win some awesome gear from SteelSeries! Also, we have some other contests available that don't necessarily involve leveling, but inspire the creative talents of our members. NOTE: You must be of guild rank level "member" or above. These are not open to guild members at the lowly recruit level. The Contests:

    The Grinding God: First to Level 50

    How to win:

    The first person to reach Level 50 within the guild (that is of Member rank or higher) and to send a screenshot with supporting evidence to Asylum@vvv-gaming.com will win!

    The Prize: 1
    SteelSeries Sensei Mouse and 1 vVv Gaming Surface, courtesy of our partners at SteelSeries!

    The Slave Driver: First to 400 in 3 Crew Skills WINNER: Khaleesi

    How to win? The first person to achieve 400 in all three of their crew skills (And is of member rank or higher) and sends a screenshot with supporting evidence to Asylum@vvv-gaming.com will win!

    The Prize: 1
    SteelSeries Sensei Mouse and 1 vVv Gaming Surface, courtesy of our partners at SteelSeries!

    The Dark/Light Side of Things: First ones to Light V/Dark V DARK Winner: Perilous LIGHT Winner: Tenebris

    How to win?The first person to reach Dark V or Light V (and is of member rank or higher) and sends a screenshot with supporting evidence to Asylum@vvv-gaming.com will win! One winner will be selected for Dark and one for Light!

    The Pize: Your choice of:
    Steelseries Siberia v2 Full-Sized Headset Black and Gold Edition, SteelSeries Sensei Mouse, or vVv Gaming Surface

    Lights, Camera, Action!: The Video Contest

    How To Win? Share your SW:TOR Video on vVv Gaming’s Facebook for all to see! The Video must promote vVv Gaming and the SW:TOR Guild! The 3 videos that receive the most likes will then be sent to the leaders of the guild for review, and the best video wins! You must be of member rank or higher to win.

    The Prize:1 vVv Gaming Steelseries Bundle! (1
    Steelseries Siberia v2 Full-Sized Headset Black and Gold Edition, SteelSeries Sensei Mouse, vVv Gaming Surface)

    The Imperial Journalist: Article and Picture Contest

    How to win? Submit an article with headlining picture depicting the Release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the amazing experience that the game has to offer to Asylum@vvv-gaming.com! One winner will be selected at the discretion of vVv Staff.

    The Prize:
    vVv Gaming Surface, courtesy of SteelSeries. Your article will also be featured on our front page at http://www.vvv-gaming.com/

    Note: You can only win ONE Contest, so choose wisely
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    Asylum got a reaction from Plattypus in Jungling: From Your Jungler's Perspective   
    I see a lot of people complaining about their jungler nearly every game. As a primary jungler, let me explain your complaints from the person you blame. Your jungler has many areas that he needs to help control. Let me explain:

    1) Your Jungle: His/her main source of gold/experience. If your jungle is being invaded then you need to leave your lane and help force out the enemy. Let me put it this way: when your lane is pushed to your turret then your lane opponent is overextended, isn't it annoying when your jungler/mid isn't taking advantage of the overextending? The enemy jungler entering your jungle is the equivalent of your lane opponent overextending. It is your job to help the jungler as much as it his/her job to help you.

    2) Enemy Jungle:Warding buffs/areas of interest can help your jungler steal buffs and gank the enemy jungler. You should help take advantage of vision. Vision grants knowledge and knowledge is power, therefore vision is power so utilize wards.

    3) Dragon: 950 total gold to your team. Help the jungler secure Dragon. Spend the extra 50 gold and buy a pink ward instead of a green ward. Don't be cheap.

    4) Lanes: Your jungler can't gank if you push to their tower, but theirs can. Lane ganking can be important, but from a jungler's perspective NOTHING is more annoying than an incompetent laner. Here are some reasons a jungler might be reluctant to risk a lane gank:
    a) While dead, unable to help other lanes.
    While dead, unable to obtain/defend your buffs.
    c) While dead, no Smite is available to secure Dragon. (Not to mention it allows them to more easily Dragon)
    On the other hand, if a gank is successful the lane can be pushed and the tower may be destroyed or Dragon might be safer.

    The most important piece of advice I can give is for laners to FOLLOW THEIR LANE! If their mid leaves mid and heads toward bottom, top, or a jungler, FOLLOW THEM, don't allow your team to become outnumbered because of your greed, selfishness, or stupidity.

    If you are doing poorly in lane it is rarely the fault of the jungler. Players in this game have a difficult time admitting fault, instead they place blame on others. It is not to say that it is ALWAYS their fault, though, as sometimes you just legitimately get dumb teammates. One thing I have noticed is that if you are unsure about your lane matchup (most notably top) then take Teleport. If you are someone who complains about your jungler then you need to take a couple days and do nothing but jungle so you can understand the important role that is jungling.
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    Asylum got a reaction from Avii in Starcraft 2 Themed Restaurant   
    Cocktail: Baneling Bust
    1 Part Grey Goose
    2 Parts Apple Pucker
    1 Part Lemon juice

    done as a shot, much like a kamikaze. Green like the banelings, and will bust ya up!
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    Asylum reacted to Anaxamander in vVv Gaming Announces KING OF THE SUMMONER'S HILL 2!   
    I will shout of this tournament from the peak of summoner's hill.
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    Asylum got a reaction from grabby in Dominion's out! Let's talk META!   
    Alright. So today Riot finally decided to let Dominion go live FOR REALZ! So it's time to talk meta!

    I've been working on a meta that's been working out pretty well so far, and I'll go into detail here. Please feel free to share your own ideas on the metagame!

    The team will be comprised of 5 champions, of course.

    There are a total of three roles in Dominion for this meta strategy:

    The Defender (2)
    The Poker (2)
    The Middle (1)

    The Defender: These champions do just that, defend their given point. One defender will be assigned the Windmill at the 12 o'clock position, while the other defender will be positioned at either the Quarry or Boneyard, depending on what side they spawn on. These guys do not leave their respective capture points, unless they can see an obvious weakness in their opponents strategy. This role is best filled by a champion that can hold off 2-4 champions for a long enough period of time for their poker and the middle champion to get there to clean up. The sole purpose of the defender is simple: KEEP YOUR POINT, AND HOLD OFF THE ENEMY UNTIL HELP ARRIVES!

    The Poker: This is the champion that's probably the most active in the game. This champion is often paired up with a defender (So you have 1 defender and 1 poker at each assigned front point, the mid point we'll talk about in a little bit) and the two champions will rely on each other not only to hold their given point, but to exploit the opponent's weaknesses and take an additional point. This is usually best filled by a high damage-dealing champion. The poker must be mobile and able to come to the aid of their defender and the middle champion within a moment's notice.

    The Middle: This is probably the most difficult to fill. This is the champion that sits near either the Refinery or the Drill, depending on which side you spawn on, in the 10 or 2 o'clock position. This champion has two roles: Prevent the other team from splitting up your capture points by capturing your middle point, and to aid the top and bottom defenders at any given time. This champion must also be able to hold off 3-4 champions for a good 10-15 seconds, enough time for the pokers to react and come to his/her aid. The defender will also be the champion that will get the storm shield buff in the middle of the map the most often, as he will have the toughest role overall.

    In practice, you have your defenders at Windmill and either your 8 o'clock or 5 o'clock positions, your pokers getting the shit done and keeping points, and your middle sitting nearest your 10 or 2 o'clock making sure backdoor's don't happen. In the event that one of your points does get taken, your middle aids in the re-capture of the point, and often the second poker will be called in to aid as well, as the defender should be able to hold off the champions long enough (and have GARRISON) to recapture and then recover.

    So, what do you guys think?
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    Asylum reacted to vVv LordJerith in A word about "competitive settings" in Gears of War 3   
    Let me start by saying that my intention in this post is to save some people some time. I’m sure some people will get upset, but I at least want to state that vVv Gaming’ s official position supports MLG’s position:

    I am hoping that everyone can understand that from a spectator’s point of view having “MLG Matches use exactly what is played in ranked matches” is critical to the growth and viewership of the game. We have to think about the spectator’s experience FIRST. How do we get someone who is playing Horde right now to tune into an MLG stream in 2012? THAT is the most important question.

    I know the designers at Epic get it. Quinn Delhoyo, level designer for Gears of War at Epic Games, said it best on Twitter: “@mikedloss @arCtyC @Killa_KC Just give the game a shot with an open mind. Those GOWNation rules are a different game.” The last thing we want as we are trying to grow this game’s competive spectator audience is to make the novice error of thinking a few execution scrims with a few players can come close to the millions of data points that Epic will have on the game. We don’t want to create a different game!

    So, what will happen with the game? Over the next several weeks, Epic Games will be analyzing the game data they get from the millions of players who play the game. They will use this data to determine what trends are developing on each map. From this, and from the map feedback that MLG provides, Epic will make minor tweaks (or maybe even major ones) based on the evidence they examine from the millions of in-game data points generated by the people playing it (this is important and worth repeating).

    Trust the data. Don’t be an elitist. Even worse, don’t be a skill-gap purist. Skill gap is not the only important factor. Again, think of the audience’s experience. For example, there are many things that could be done to professional sports to make them harder, but that does not make them better. Hockey fans didn’t like some of the changes to making goalie pads smaller and nets wider, but hockey survived.

    No matter what you hear, just know that we will always support MLG’s goals of making the game a huge success. If you hear rumors or people complaining, just let them talk. Don’t argue with them. Just trust that Gears of War 3 is in good hands.

    So, what CAN we do? I told Sundance that vVv Gaming’s official position was to “chose the 11 best game types and maps with default settings.” To which Sundance responded, “Right on the money.”

    Based on Sundance’s response, let’s examine what kind of testing we CAN do. There are 10 maps. Ten maps for 3 game types that have the potential of being solid, competitive game types: TDM, KotH and Execution. That is 30 potential combinations. Our job is to find 11 that work the best and really play them for awhile. If you play 1 map per day straight, it will take 30 days to test, and even that pace seems a bit unrealistic, but it’s a good starting point.

    More importantly, maybe even the most important thing that you can do is to PLAY the game. Fall into it. Enjoy it. Finish the campaign, play horde, play ranked and learn why the rest of the world loves Gears of War 3. Stop thinking like an MLG player, and start asking, “what makes this game fun for so many?” All players who aspire to be professional gamers must KNOW their audience. In order to know them, you first have to do what they are doing. Dare I say this? Try having fun with the game. I know I am!

    Here is a video to help explain things: http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/pro-gaming
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    Asylum got a reaction from Wiebelhaus in Awesome Dominion video from Cynical Britt.   
    I just shit myself when I saw this video...needless to say this game mode may very well make its way into the competitive scene!
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    Asylum reacted to GinormousNoob in Looking for Lessons? Or how to improve?   
    Hey guys, my name is "Ginormous Noob," in League of Legends, and I will be offering lessons for $8/hour, give or take. I can offer lessons that will specifically target an area of your gameplay, or your gameplay in general, such as last hitting, map awareness, and positioning. I specialize in jungling and support, but am also a strong AD and AP player.

    A little about myself and LoL, my solo queue rating is currently 1912, and I did have triple gold at one point . For Arranged Team 5v5, I peaked at roughly #12 on the ladder, and for Arranged Team 3v3, I peaked at #2 on the ladder. I was one of the original main members of the team, Defy All Odds, which was one of the top teams in NA for a short while and placed 5th in the NA qualifiers for the Season 1 Dreamhack tournament. I was also a part of, and still am affiliated with the team UnRestricted, which arguably, is the 3rd top team in NA currently. I have never been near the top of the solo queue ladder, but have almost always been at high ELO.

    Also, I won the first ICOG 3v3 draft tournament, so if you're looking for tips on not only Summoners Rift, but also on Twisted Treelines, feel free to ask!

    If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me in game (Ginormous Noob) or shoot me an e-mail at ptshyu@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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