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    LoL, CS:S, BFBC2
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    LoL, Counter Strike: Source, Gaming in general :P.

    I also enjoy sailing, crabbing, and mountain biking!
  1. @hamishbode Morning! Hope your stream goes well this morning, time for me to hit the rack here in California! Cheers!

  2. ? https://t.co/ImGDZCT1w3 https://t.co/IPBYL9RYTz

  3. @Ketsuki_WoW not too bad, about 10 mins

  4. @Ketsuki_WoW I'll be there tomorrow around 11 :P

  5. First test shoutcast is up! I know the audio sucks but any feedback would be awesome! https://t.co/x5yOvRL02O

  6. Had a good night with some sick @PlayOverwatch games. #BLIZZCON IN ONE WEEK!

  7. @TacticalKoalaOW I'm actually legitimately surprised you aren't following me lol. Sad day in my life!

  8. #FF @venaGe @Alphalance @Ketsuki_WoW @FrosteeFox @Kazul_G_Fox @TacticalKoalaOW

  9. People are finally starting to take note...haters, you're on notice ;) #FTheHaters

  10. Go show venaGe some love! ^_^ https://t.co/RNXYa368fs

  11. The @PlayOverwatch preview stream was amazing! Thanks @EllohimeTwitch for the commentary!

  12. Aw snap https://t.co/HSPFCCJBEC

  13. I love how people with 0 community contribution make one OBVIOUS post on Reddit and become insta-net famous #GetInMyLevel

  14. @bst3r would like** stupid phone

  15. @dignitasBru @CLOUD9_Jack agreed! He's the best owner in the business!!

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