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    justin holder
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    Gears Halo Cod Dbz Naruto
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    I love all movies
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    i love to game competitively meet new people and chill also love critiquing movies and listening to music so if you want to hang out on xbl hit me up
  1. good luck on your app remember to stay active and enjoy
  2. Eminent

    Eminent's Re-App

    Thanks ill just have to fix that wont i Thanks Lee Good luck on yours aswell
  3. Good luck on your app for diablo 3 no doubt youll get it
  4. You seem really beast good luck on getting into this prestigious organization
  5. Eminent

    Eminent's Re-App

    Much appreciated Exodus always liked you very chill dude
  6. Thats cool sleepy good to see people come from NC
  7. @MiisFit Do you know were the pottery is Johnston County Smithfield NC
  8. Eminent

    Eminent's Re-App

    Thank you vVv Sleepy and thanks to you also Morphologically
  9. Eminent

    Eminent's Re-App

    Thank you very much doodyscat
  10. This is the best thing to ever happen to vVv-Gaming really now people cant complain about the 2-3month process for apps now if you don't add value your going to get chopped really its amazing
  11. Good Luck on your app
  12. Eminent

    Eminent's Re-App

    Thank you Darryl

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