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  1. Torabora as in our old Torabora? Lol I wondered what happened to him
  2. iiCeY

    Doctor's rerererere-app

    Goodluck doc never really met you but Ive followed your posts and seen you hard at work hope to play some gears with you sometime Approve
  3. iiCeY

    jayh staff app

    I support this app also really cool guy very active and shows determination...I'd like to see how he helps vVv grow and progress toward the future
  4. iiCeY

    vVv iiCeY

    1. Right now from the sound of it I would really like to be more leaned towards pvp since more then likely we will have our set raid groups anyway...but hutball sounds amazing...i really cant say what exactly i would like to set up until i see what all the games going to offer and how well the world pvp is maybe do some city/world raiding would be fun. 2. I have been a officer before in a couple games, my main one being WoW...Ive been a raid leader for a long time most of it being from wotlk....made up strats figured out why people were dieing and from what...made adjustments when needed was very successful we were top 1k in progression at the time i mean i know its not great but i think its pretty good. Um the reason i started really was because i was just tired of fail...i felt like i always knew more then the officers i had and they never really made a difference they just got on ok raid invites and then we would fail for a few hours...I call people out (not in a harsh way) i just let them know when there messing up like hey man you realize you stood in that fire for like 5 minutes right? I also dont mind helping out i really like when a guild has alot of fun and can get through progression and just have fun!
  5. iiCeY

    vVv iiCeY

    1. I feel an officer should be very active (as I am) I think they should also have a love for mmo games and I really am intrigued by this game it has so much to do and so much to offer I am very interested in spending alot of time on this when I'm not practicing LoL. I have extensive mmo experience ive played WoW, rift (not on the server you guys played), I am also hoping to get in on some beta testing on a phew other games. 2. An officer should know alot if not all aspects of the game, classes, professions, boss fights, and be willing to support other players in teaching them what they should or dont know...I would also like to set up events on the game which will come once I ind out what all is possible in the game and I think It will be tons of fun. I also feel they should be leaders and when it comes to progression make sure everyone is on key and on the same page, fix mistakes and change strats.
  6. iiCeY

    Flower's App

    Goodluck I've seen your tweets and read your league posts, very helpful and knows alot about competitive scenes not Just in one game, I think shell be a great addition
  7. Lolol telling people to fight him? Look at him lmao
  8. What about 1v1 and 2v2 in house tourneys!?
  9. Goodluck you sound dedicated and very willing to help hope everything goes well
  10. Haha we could do it all asylum I think it would be fun as shit to mess around, and jayh I heard you 1v5 clg all day every day
  11. I think we should start getting a community day going were once a week we just run customs with people from vVv and just have fun like troll games, just regular games and maybe pros vs noobs were we can teach others what they did good or wrong...I think it would be fun and with observer mode hopefully coming out soon we can adventualy lean it to a wensday night starcraft type thing. Running normals is fun but I think it would be hilarious and Fun to run full 5v5 vVv games one day a week to relieve some elo hell stress

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