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  1. I'm taking a break and don't want my land to go to hackers. Anyone wanna make me a somewhat decent offer? I would demo it so I need someone I can trust so I thought I'd try here.
  2. There's a 10 man dungeon out now. There aren't any drops that are making me want to run it though.... I still to teh pvp
  3. Best of luck with the new direction of the guild! Might I add that you may want to specify how vVv adds value to members. If you ask a lot, people are going to want to know what they get in return. There are lots of great guilds out there with very minimal requirements.
  4. Everybody got a bunch of credits for free because they decided to add 10% bonus to all patron. Thunderstruck trees seem much more common now. It's hard to say where it will be in a couple of days though.
  5. Just a few tricks I've learned.... Workers compensation pots Get them with credits, loyalty, or from an auctioneer with gold. Sit in the courthouse pews while afk be sure to check the second level too! make an alt on an unpopulated server to use their courthouse - labor is account bound across all servers Stay in combat Get locked in a friend's house in a pvp zone. Bloodlust and start hitting their house. Will keep you logged in till peacetime.
  6. You can blame the game company. There was some conflict with hackshield that was preventing logins. No test server => failed patches. A big patch like this definitely could have waited a while to work any bugs out. I had to work too so I didn't miss out on much, but I feel for all the players that were screwed.
  7. Here's my desk: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/65501-vvv-gaming-inspired-custom-gaming-desk/ BTW... I'm rocking the EVGA 680. had to one up you
  8. There are usually 20 or so people that come to each land coming up. Yes, you have to spam click it. In pvp zones, make sure to bring friends if it's not in peace! It's definitely worth trying though. A 16x16 property in a safe zone is worth prolly around 1200 gold. A 1 in 20 chance at that is worth a sore clicking finger if you ask me.
  9. I'll be at work during this time period so I thought I might be able to hook up somebody else with some property! http://imgur.com/a/iViiz
  10. I think the only real solid argument for ts3 is some commander chat function that lets certain people talk in multiple channels that helps coordinate large groups. I prefer mumble.
  11. We discussed using ts3 to communicate with the red alliance. We also discussed a points system where active players that participate in guild events are rewarded.
  12. I read into the castle bit... Can't wait to get in on that!

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