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  1. Back on the site after a longgggg break

  2. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Thomas.Rodler Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/vVv_TRod Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Trodlax777 TwitchTV:http://www.twitch.tv/vvv_trod
  3. TRod

    Twinkiey's Application

    Oh ok haha I was just wondering cause I swore I saw your names on the forums before good luck this time and stay active!!!
  4. TRod

    Twinkiey's Application

    Welcome! Is this your 1st or 2nd app? Anyway Good luck on your app
  5. TRod

    Frosted's App

    As soon as I saw A lax shot as ur Pro Pic I got pretty excited lol. Another lax bro in the community <33 Do you play lacrosse? and since your 17 what HS? Also good luck on your application and Hmu to play COD sometime!!!
  6. This kid is an awesome app and has my complete support. He deff has what it takes to be in vVv
  7. Welcome to vVv!!! Feel free to ask me any questions if you need to, and if im not mistaken you already added me on Xbox. Eventually ill break my habit of SC and come play a couple games of Cod, but until then Gl on your application.
  8. This has to be why your one of the best apps (imo). After my lengthy post, in which you could have raged and been well salty as hell, you responded with an intelligent, well thought out response. I deff support this app and I wish you the best of luck.
  9. Ok. 1st off id like to point out that I have made contact and I played xbox with you as well. I attempt to play as many games with the apps as I can, but if im scrimming with my team or running a practice I wont join and I doubt any other cod player will as well. It is my understanding that vVv Bizkit and vVv Arsenic are in a team with kalaxy and some other guy. So I would assume that this would apply for them as well. Another thing is you tweeted me that I have not been on xbox in about 4 days sometime last week. I was at njhalo competing. I was pretty busy that week in New Jersey promoting vVv as well as playing MW3. Also My parents are not the most reasonable people when it comes to gaming and they do not allow me to play during the week. So if im only allowed to play during the weekends; one could surmise that I would spend every minute trying to improve my game. Lastly some of the cod members (like Spike) play only on pc. So thats where they are. Im not attempting to make any excuses for anybody, im just stating what I do and see. I would recommend you remain apping for the CoD division because you have already come pretty far in the application process and you seem like you would fit well in our division. Lastly and I swear its last I encourage you to do as you stated above and get the apps together to work on skill and performance. It would be very nice to see a vVv community CoD night in the future. I think that getting the apps and members involved would be an amazing way for the community to come together as a whole.
  10. TRod


    Awesome kid Great Cod player!!!!! I deff approve good luck on your app
  11. Talked to him on live and he is a really chill kid Good Luck on your app!!!!
  12. Welcome to vVv!!!! Feel free to follow me on twitter and add me to play cod sometime Again Welcome!!!
  13. Played with him before on COD and Starcraft... Really chill guy and great at both!!! Deff has my approval. (y)
  14. Welcome to vVv!!! Feel free to add me to play sometime or follow me on twitter Again welcome!!!
  15. Welcome to vVv!!!! Hmu if you want to play cod or have any questions Again welcome!!

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