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    Jakekorste reacted to rampd in WNS with a spot   
    "vVv has been slaughtering the competition"
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    Jakekorste reacted to Glon in Project A, Yellow to Code A in one month ?   
    .. if a gold player can reach Code A in 1 month with Korean coaching/training then I'm heading to Korea next summer.
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    Jakekorste reacted to Noxie in Deezer #2 GM ?! CombatEX #4 ?!   
    I have goldfish to eat..

    Oh.. sorry i thought we were talking about things that didnt matter.
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    Jakekorste reacted to vVv OrganicBear in NASL Attendance   
    Meh, MLG >. Incontrol having left, I don't expect for their to be a NASL much longer. Maybe 1-2 more seasons before they go belly-up.

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