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  1. @vzL_Kingsboro yeah that's for everyone

  2. @XBL_NexXx I'm down if ur cool wit it

  3. @hannah_bozsoki no girl should be unhappy in a relationship ??

  4. @jayxilynn don't tempt people

  5. @SyNiCaLxX well let's get it together then, no wastin time we're off the rip boi straight winnin no bsin practice and make this world league

  6. Trappin in the street in some margialias

  7. This sore throat has been killin meh

  8. @stephhhbanes yep would have been you then

  9. @allisynmichelle me2 and I just get shit on for it

  10. I have decided I will be back to COD again for @MLG Providence and #MW3. Im so ready to be back!

  11. 3-0 in dubz, lookin strong @TFS_Ethnicity, lookin strong. Lol

  12. Ethnicity and I are looking for 2 in #Gears3 we are running with D BLocK, so anyone down to run @ me or hit me up vVv Spectre

  13. Come on last time, take one second and follow @TFS_Ethnicity please! AND THANKS!

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