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    Fearful got a reaction from Reere in Motivation Guys!   
    So hey guys, this is Fearful speaking and I am going to tell you about my journey in Starcraft 2.

    I got it on July 27, 2010 and loved it from the start.
    I got started out in bronze league and was a little disappointed since I used to play BW but have not played it in years.
    A week of playing, and I finally made it to silver where I got stuck for a while since my computer broke down.

    So I stopped playing for a few months and played again when I finally fixed my computer.
    After all that, I joined an organization called Nyquist Gaming in hopes to meet new players and people my skill level to practice with.

    After I had gotten accepted, I was on the C team for players in Bronze-Gold. From there I met this player named Ghozza. Him and I met and he practiced together. From there on out, I managed to make it to gold by focusing on one build for each matchup and got decent at it for gold levels.

    After I made it to gold, I found it really hard to make it to platinum and that was my goal for the time-being. It took me 3 months to make it to Platinum, but I had finally made it.

    After I made it to Platinum(got there by focusing on mechanics), I thought it took forever to make it to diamond. I was in vVv gaming at the time and I got promoted shortly after I got coached by Titan when he was still around. Fun guy!

    So anyways, I was in diamond and was really content with it but eventually got saddened because I thought my skill cap has peaked. I thought that there was no way for me to get better and that I was going to stay stuck in diamond forever.

    So a year later, which is now, I managed to make it to master and had learned to never doubt myself. The reason why I was stuck in diamond and the other leagues for the matter was not because of skill, but because of motivation.

    If someone has no motivation to do something, how can they expect to achieve it?
    I learned that talent is not the only way to get good at the game. Practice and determination and motivation are all factors too! If you are dedicated to what you love and stick with it, you can succeed. If you are at the right place at the right time with the right people, you can and you will succeed.

    If you can't find inspiration to get better but want to get better, use me as an example. I started out in BRONZE. That is B-R-O-N-Z-E! If I can make it to master, so can YOU. Glon started out in silver and now he is in GRANDMASTER!!! If he can do it, so can I.

    What I am trying to get across is that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you truly want something, you will fight for it. If you don't get what you want, you either have to continue fighting for it or you didn't want it enough. My grandfather taught me that. So, if you are thinking that you have peaked at your skill level, you are wrong unless you truly believe that. Because what you believe is normally what happens.

    This applies to all aspects of life and not just Starcraft 2. Have fun gaming guys! Good luck in your real life. And remember that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. You just gotta keep fighting for what you believe you can do.
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    Fearful got a reaction from RazorHedge in fluffy -sc2   
    I have talked to this guy a few times and he shows a genuine interest in vVv gaming. He is open-minded and I think would be a great addition to vVv. He is always looking for ways to add value. He has my approval.
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    Fearful got a reaction from Misty in How bad were you?   
    It's not how many hours per day or week that you need to get good. It's the amount of analyzing what you were doing wrong and what you could be doing better. Yes, practice makes perfect, but if you keep practicing without knowing what you are doing wrong, you will never know how to improve. Also, you have to experiment and figure out what works and what doesn't. You might even discover a build that has not been found yet and get a name for it!
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    Fearful got a reaction from Bloonhead in We Need to Step it Up   
    Hey guys, I don't normally make too many threads of my own, but when I do, I have something to say that I believe is worth being told.

    With us losing players such as Rocker, Seohyeon, and Daisuki(I don't consider him vVv since he is sponsored by Nitrix), we need to step it up.

    We need players to fill in their shoes and to do much better than them. We all know how hard this game can be and how time consuming it can be, but we do know that anyone can be good at this game with dedication and practice. Some may take longer to learn than others, and that is okay. We all learn at our own rate. Look at me. I started out from bronze. I started from nothing and I am now a master zerg. Look at Toxsik. He was a bronze as well and now he is a GrandMaster zerg. We all can achieve great things if we put our minds to it.

    Time, practice, and dedication can make any player good at this game. We all can do it. We need to step it up guys. We have the people for practice. Now, we have to meet up and practice with each other. Ladder isn't always the best way to practice. We have this community right here with fantastic personalities and skills of all levels. We can do great things in SC2 if we step it up and put our minds to it.

    So, What do you guys think?
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    Fearful reacted to vVv OrganicBear in We Need to Step it Up   
    I agree. The distance from Bronze to GM is the distance from GM to DRG. Getting to GM is just the first step to becoming a successful pro in this highly competitive scene. I think a lot of people lose sight of that and don't keep their perspective high enough.
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    Fearful reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Streaming Videos Gone?   
    They stay on the channel for 1 week unless you add them to your highlights.

    Be careful too because it will only save the first 2 hours as a highlight unless you specifically go into the second/third/etc. parts and save those too
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    Fearful got a reaction from Caliber in LgCalibre's app !   
    Hey man. Good luck on your application. Just as xTcsy said, you should fill out more of the application if you can. We want to know more about you. But just stay active on the forums and on twitter, and you should be golden. Have fun and enjoy your time here (:
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    Fearful got a reaction from TachyonXL in Starcraft 2/vVv Windows 7 theme?   
    sounds good man. make zerg the best (: shows my bias right there
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    Fearful got a reaction from Wiebelhaus in Suggestions for a vVv in-house tournament   
    I hope we can get people in on this. I mean, as of right now, there is no prize. I would like to have that changed. Like have mayber a 5 dollar prize or something just to give people an incentive to keep playing.

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