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    I like soccer, skiing and snowboarding, drumming, building computers, and playing starcraft.
  1. You're a boss! You better watch out though because I'm coming to take the throne
  2. Good luck man (: I hope this works. Fridays are always busy for me, but I'll definitely try to get in on one of these
  3. I really don't know how to feel about the no siege upgrade. I'll find out soon enough though.
  4. I am back on Tomorrow night! Can't wait to bring on the heat
  5. Hey guys. I'll be back on Monday the 7th. I had a hectic last two weeks. I was not home a single night but was at my grandmother's or at a friends. Starting sunday, I'll be back in school and will be raring to go for practices. I need the practice, so if anyone can practice with me outside of team practices, hit me up. I'll be ready to go!
  6. Let's go! I'll try my best to improve hardcore. I have been inactive due to the hectic weeks. Once school starts, I'll be in working order again. I will step it up, but I will let you know if I cannot attend anything for any reason. If my schoolwork gets in the way, I will sadly step down as I have no intentions of holding us back. But until I know for sure how my schoolwork treats me, I'm 100% in.
  7. I'll be there, but I'll need some hardcore practicing in. I had no time by the computer this past week.
  8. Yes, I'll be in this. It seems really fun, but I would need more information for dates and stuff so I can prepare.
  9. Welcome Reere! I look forward to learning more about you and look forward to practicing with you. Maybe you can give me a few tips
  10. Sounds great man! Keep up the great ideas
  11. BT, you can use any of the layouts you already made but with just my name on it lol
  12. It's not the day that is the problem BT. It's the time. That is the time my family likes to have dinner and go in the basement to watch a movie before bed or around the time my friends get off work and want to hang out. Not so much the day, but the time since I give my Fridays and Saturdays to my family and friends.

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