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    Tyler Farinaro
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    USA, NJ
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    Starcraft 2... pretty much all i play
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    Pizza, any desert, lazania
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    Half Baked, Forrest Gump, all Fast and Furious movies
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    For Today, Mac Miller, Dubstep, Wiz Kahlifa
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    I play Football and Basketball and i of course love starcraft 2!

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  1. 24 School days left!

  2. MudKip

    MudKip's Application

    ok ill do that and do i need to make an account on the scedule site to make a apointment
  3. Nice dude im only like a 4 hour drive from there so me and a few buddys might take the ride up and go there, it would be nice to meet some other vVv members.
  4. good luck while their vVv you can do it! =) ill be watching to see if i see any of you on the stream or anything!
  5. i wish everyone going there the best of luck in the brackets. GO vVv!!!♥
  6. good luck on the app man make sure to stay active
  7. MudKip

    MudKip's Application

    vVv aim to achieve to be the best. expect nothing less then winning ♥! To go to events like blizz con and mlg and be succesfull there. i follow both twitter and i RT posts and i follow on facebook i have met many of them im always in the vVv gaming ingame chanle and i have met Zorro, Slauney, celious, and others who i cant remember there names. Yes i have read the pillers before and i follow them and do my best to make the clan look good and not to shame the name ♥!
  8. MudKip

    MudKip's Application

    Hey i really like vVv gaming because everyone is so kind and helpful in the community. vVv gaming is a very wide spread gaming community and has many different communitys that all come together with the common interest of winning and becoming better gamer's. vVv is a gaming community that looks to help get the members of it better. vVv wants to be the BEST there is WOOOOO!
  9. MudKip

    MudKip's Application

    Read it many times =) i will agian if you like ♥
  10. Ceepteel if you could send some replays that would be Awsome and thanks everyone for the help and I will also go watch HuKs games.
  11. Hey guys i newly swiched to Protoss and im having some trouble against terran. I am fine with terran that take the game to late game but i cant handle the early game i never know how to open up against them. I also poop myself when i see they are doing a 3 rax MM all in with stim i dont know how to hold it off. If you know please help me thanks alot. -MudKip.846
  12. Look up the Zerg equivalent 4 gate thats a realy good roach speed ling all in it works against zerg and some toss depending on what they are doing. its Destiny's strat btw.

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