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  1. CoLRR

    Metaphor Application

    not a good fit for vVv,people should see what he's like behind the scenes.
  2. CoLRR

    CoLuR's App

    For sure OMG and thanks felony,Doc,i just retweet everything i can,i dont really have any news to tweet about within the site but i would love a hand with that,also,contact me because i want to write a great article and want to see your take on it.
  3. CoLRR

    CoLuR's App

    alright bro will do,and i feel like im adding value,i would hust like the opportunity to perhaps write an article or maybe do some commentarys with other gow players just to feel active within the community.
  4. CoLRR

    CoLuR's App

    Alright for sure man,and sorry for the storm that happened not to long ago
  5. CoLRR

    KrAzN Application

    Try to add Color to your app and make this is more custom and make yourself standout from the resr. Best of luck,hit me up sometime for some GoW
  6. CoLRR

    CoLuR's App

    I already have you added on XBL Jerry,we could probably play whenever you get on ! -)
  7. CoLRR

    CoLuR's App

    Thanks Cuffs and Storm !
  8. CoLRR

    CoLuR's App

    No,i have matured much over the past months,i know where cuffs is coming from.
  9. CoLRR

    CoLuR's App

    Will do OMG,and sure thing monster. And on the behalf of the Cuffs thing,I have to admit I was being annoying,rude and unprofessional but I apologize for the things I have said to you and hopefully it doesn't get brought up anymore because it will never happen again.
  10. Hey man best of luck ! Stay active

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