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  1. ╔══════════════ ೋღღೋ ══════════════╗ ♥ If you have an amazing MOTHER, put this as your status ♥ ╚══════════════ ೋღღೋ ══════════════╝

  2. EKay

    EKay's Application

    CLOSE MY APP vVv is for faggots like Jerry
  3. EKay

    EKay's Application

    You wanted to know why I was hated so I asked for you.
  4. EKay

    CoLuR's App

    Lol. Heat pf the moment thing, won't happen again and sorry.
  5. Chill kid, hope he gets in
  6. EKay

    CoLuR's App

    CoLuR is twice as talented than you or anyone else whose an app. If you can't get accepted into this community by having the potential to place Pro at an MLG event then I guess both CoLuR and I are going to be rejected. Have fun being laughed at come next event. Top30 out of less than 40 teams? Lmao KYS Half a decade of Competitive gaming and you still have accomplished nothing. Joke = Metaphor
  7. EKay

    EKay's Application

    I can make a thread about you just like the one above. Why? Because I feel like it. That's the mentality of those kids on the GB forums. I have done nothing. Ask anyone in the GoW community what I've done to make me have a rep and they will say "Nothing" Or "I don't know". So go ahead and ask them, ask the kids on GB why they dislike me
  8. Yo whats good and good morning to you all, check out my new homepage made by my boy @JustMorel http://ekay.net63.net/

    1. UNBOUND


      what good my nigga

  9. EKay

    EKay's Application

    Yeah there were threads making fun of me and how I look, pointless nonsense. Nothing serious.
  10. EKay

    Ghostly Application

    Good luck on your app Hmu on XBL if you wanna play sometime Gamertag: EKay LDF
  11. Good luck on your app Hmu on XBL if you wanna play sometime Gamertag: EKay LDF
  12. EKay

    vVv OhMyGawd Gow3 app

    Played with him a few times, he's a great guy to chill with and an underrated player, Good luck bro
  13. EKay

    CoLuR's App

    One of the most dedicated players to ever apply, Good luck bro.
  14. good Luck on your app dude and hmu on XBL if you wanna play sometime. Gamertag: EKay LDF
  15. Good advise and G Luck Justin.

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