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    Mychal Jewell
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    Gears of War, Halo, Call of Duty,Mortal Kombat
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    Hamburger Helper, Pizza,Hot Pockets and Oreos
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    Shooter,Fast and The Furious Serious
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    Linkin Park, Lil Wayne,Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Cory Gunz
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    computers and technology, video games, competitive gaming, art,graphics design, females (of course) drawing, cars, anythingg that can basically keep me grounded and interested
  1. http://www.facebook.com/MychalJewell http://www.youtube.com/user/vVvSoul
  2. 13 more days of probation,i pretty much whored it up on twitter for 30 days, and gonna keep whoring it up cause im not backing down...yeah sounds cheesy

  3. welcome and stay active, do i know you also?
  4. i agree, but its like its not the community itself its the individuals, like i always said and have been told, they are not going to act or say what they say over the internet, yes we need to stop the racism , sexism, and homophobia, but its not going to stop truthfully, because we have new people that come in everyday wanting to know about e-sports, i have been called the n-word on numerous occassions, while gears of war 3 (not surprised) but it doesnt bother me , it just makes me play harder and show em who the boss is basically, sexist people, all i have to say to that is, they either haven't experience or witness a female in their life, i feel like females can equally can do as much as the next man can do, but they do limits just like other any human beings, and the homophobia situation, i didnt really witness or pay attention to it til lil late after high school but for the simple fact is i see everybody as an equal, what ever makes you happy...do it, i respect your boundaries and you respect mine, some of these make me smh, but hey at the end the day i feel like they are going to be lonely ones and i feel sorry for whoever is their friend, love one, or parent, its embarassing that you can say it online, but you cant say it to a person face.. keep it 100...no excuses at all
  5. GG No Re Gl on the app remember stay active
  6. Soul

    Enmity's app

    i didnt really get to talk to you much or play with you, but hearing from other people, youre a cool person, so GL
  7. Soul

    Emery's Application

    good luck on your app and stay active, your cool and laidback person make me proud lol
  8. Soul

    Solar's vVv App.

    good player and good person, also great fit
  9. congratz to ruff, its only the begining
  10. Soul

    vVv Applicant, Respect

    good luck and stay active on the twitter,facebook and this site as much as you can
  11. finna take a shower and relax, and also meditate, love being part of the vVv Community also, and if your think im a fake or d-rider...smh what ever floats your boat lol

  12. man i dont even say much when it comes to apps, but after reading this whole app, if you cant take it or learn from experience, you shouldnt be apping, disrespecting and all the negative stuff is not cool, im not judging you as a person, im judging you from what was posted on your app, keep a cool and collect mind, and just listen, not that hard, at the same time be your self, thats all it is

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