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  1. tyty but im removed from the first to 50 and the first to max out light/dark side contest so have at it!
  2. Vixen may be on LoL everyday but i remember she had 40-45 wins when she joined, she has low 50s now. Being online =/= active, im proof enough of that
  3. Vixen: One of the most frustrating people i have ever met as she has this shocking arrogance to her. I have yet to meet someone who incites me with anger and hate like she can do with a few smug words. I cant get the image out of my head that she is a snobby highschool girl. I could not possibly downvote her application more, i want nothing to do with her and am writing a letter to santa asking to never have to exist around her again.
  4. im comfortable with epgp or loot council if we can get some honest souls around the table
  5. Two weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks
  6. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=279546 The quality on this is just mind blowing, its as good or better than many of the multimillion dollar games on shelves today
  7. i did have quite a knee-jerk reaction... i had a giant lens get shoved in my face, and after 4-5 rum and cokes, all i could think to do was make a silly face!
  8. Odd experience with Vixen today I saved the converastion, both from the chat room and then the subsequent private messages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chat room conversation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vixen22: vVvMilyCyrus: always a great song MortaleMago joined the room. vVvMilyCyrus: try out the digital dox edit vVvMilyCyrus: little snappier Vixen22: haha yea. I didnt use to be into basshunter Vixen22: but i got into him Vixen22: digital? vVvMilyCyrus: vVv HauserG joined the room. Vixen22: nvm. found it MortaleMago: hi vVvMilyCyrus: Hello mango Vixen22: and i like this version better vVvMilyCyrus: i enjoy your work vVvMilyCyrus: <3 Vixen22: ? vVv Envy: basshunter is the worst thing to ever come out of a womb and call himself a producer Vixen22: lol, i enjoy techno though MortaleMago: now now envy Vixen22: its better then the death metal crap i used to listen to back in high school MortaleMago: be nice vVv Envy: its not techno vVvMilyCyrus: and i suppose you dont enjoy my little pony either?! Vixen22: here, take a listen, but dont judge Vixen22: vVvMilyCyrus: major lacuna coil fan vVvMilyCyrus: they're italian! Vixen22: lol Vixen22: im start9ing to get back into them Vixen22: i wasnt for a while Vixen22: but when i heard about this song Vixen22: i had to listen Vixen22: and got hooked again Vixen22: i love everything italian Vixen22: haha.. Vixen22: swamped is still my favorite song by lacuna coil vVvMilyCyrus: http://media.photobu...0/Women/l08.jpg vVvMilyCyrus: italian Vixen22: Italy is somewhere that I'm dying to go to someday Vixen22: ...um MortaleMago: yall up for a game? MortaleMago: arranged 5s? vVvMilyCyrus: its awesome Vixen22: dont send me links like that vVvMilyCyrus: north end is safer, less mafia vVvMilyCyrus: and go to maranello Vixen22: really, dont send me links like that cyrus. and i kinda want to go to Venice, Italy vVv JayCx: i just went tinkle vVv JayCx: teehee Vixen22: actually Vixen22: Verona, Italy vVvMilyCyrus: what does 'like that' mean vVvMilyCyrus: google images, women, sarcasim? im bad with text Vixen22: basically, dont send me half naked pictures Vixen22: i will ignore you Vixen22: if you want to knaow about my past, itd be safer you didnt ask or insert links into here Vixen22: i may be nice and a girl, but that is such a bad idea Ginormous Noob joined the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My thoughts on this: During the start of the conversation i liked vixen, having just met her (keep in mind this is the first time ive ever spoken a word to her). We share a few songs and jokes, so i send something from Italy that im a pretty big fan of. To say the least, the joke backfired, but its such a brash turn around im not sure if s/he was joking. Trying to find out if i upset this person or am being punked i asked a few questions. Then i found out i am talking to a girl and she... kinda flips out, bringing up drama right away, threatening me, and flaunting her gender. Not that i have anything wrong with girls, but she did go from fun, to flipping out, to "working" her gender. I decided to refrain from talking in chat as i didnt want to make this a scene. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Private messages after chat room conversation - shortly after the chat room conversation above, she sent me an invite ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please remember that Riot employees will never ask for your password when assisting you. Vixen22 (6:16): dont ever do that vVvMilyCyrus (6:16): hey, didnt mean to piss you off just sent a link Vixen22 (6:16): still vVvMilyCyrus (6:16): ive never met you before. How in the world am i supposed to know what pisses you off? Vixen22 (6:16): i can turn into a huge bitch if you paste stuff into there again well, obv half naked pictures of women will thats one thing vVvMilyCyrus (6:17): and how am i supposed to know that, not knowing you? Vixen22 (6:17): then dont assume and just paste stuff thanks vVvMilyCyrus (6:18): thanks? Keep in mind you are in 'our' chat. I would ask you not to boss me or others around Vixen22 (6:18): still if you had any idea what my past was like you wouldnt have posted that vVvMilyCyrus (6:19): a perfectly reasonable response would be "hey, that stuff makes me uncomfortable, please keep it away from my pretty eyes =)" Vixen22 (6:19): thats why people should get to know people that way things dont trun out like this trust me, i want in to vVv, but i highly hope this one isnt into demoralizing women i played day od defeat source and got subjected to so much harrassment and unwanted requests vVvMilyCyrus (6:21): If you really flip out this much over a picture of a girl showing less skin than she would in a bikkini then maybe the internet isnt for you if you have a bad past, thats fine, but ask and try to work with me and other people Vixen22 (6:21): obvyou have no respect for women (At this point Vixen logs off, ending the conversation) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When the conversation begins, i try to employ reasoning in a non-aggressive way, bringing the situation down a few levels. For the record, the link of the half naked woman is (http://media.photobu...0/Women/l08.jpg) This is far from half-naked, but thats not the point, i upset her accidently and this is now becoming a huge issue. Im not going to talk about the second half of this conversation as her attitude towards the end really pisses me off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TLDR: Vixen flipped out as joke that would have made it on basic cable flopped. She went out for blood, acted territorial, gve zero respect, escalated the dialogue to a more intense level or took snide shots at every corner. To be perfectly honest, she acted like a highschool bitch. I hope this is a tough day for her, and she doesnt act like this all the time. What could have been resolved as "Hey, Miley, that kind of stuff upsets me, would you mind not posting it around me pretty please" became a MASSIVE issue for me and had me spend 30 minutes of my day laying out the facts here, in order to allow others see what has transpired.
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